Twisting the Fandoms by Polgara
Summary: A collection of unrelated drabbles written for Twisting the Hellmouth Drabble Community on LJ. All of these are crossed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and may include any of the characters from that show.
Categories: Gen, Mixed Up Characters: Ziva David, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Anthony DiNozzo, Abby Sciuto
Genre: Alternate Universe, Pre-slash, Drabble/Ficlet/Vignette, Challenge
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Chapters: 7 Completed: No Word count: 1117 Read: 11427 Published: 08/18/2008 Updated: 08/18/2008
Story Notes:
None of these drabbles are related. Some may contain hints of slash, but nothing overt

1. Twisting the Fandoms by Polgara

2. It's Only Eleven by Polgara

3. Meaning by Polgara

4. Much Better by Polgara

5. Something Right by Polgara

6. The Right Gift by Polgara

7. Too Old by Polgara

Twisting the Fandoms by Polgara
Author's Notes:
A collection of unrelated drabbles written for Twisting the Hellmouth Drabble Community on LJ. All of these are crossed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and may include any of the characters from that show.
Title: Cookies
Wordcount: 200
Challenge: #31 Fortune Cookie Fortunes
Rating: PG
Summary: Tony probes everyone’s fortune cookies.

Tony let out a throaty chuckle. –All right! This is definitely mine â€" Everything will now come your way,” he said triumphantly, holding up the slip of paper from his fortune cookie.

Ziva tossed a paper wad at his head. –Oh, look, it is correct.”

–Very funny, Zee-vah. What’s yours say?”

She rolled her eyes, but cracked open the cookie anyway. –You may attend a party where strange customs prevail.” A smirk crossed her lips. –That would be any time around Tony.”

Tony glared at Buffy as she laughed. –Oh yeah? What’s in your cookie?”

Buffy stuck her chopsticks into her carton before setting it on the edge of Tony’s desk. She made quick work of her cookie and frowned at the message. Her right hand crumpled it up while her left reached for her carton, only to have it snatched from her fingers. –Hey!” She protested.

–What’d it say?” Tony asked, holding the carton away from her.

–It was stupid, now give it back.” She reached across him, but failed.

–Then you won’t mind sharing.”

Buffy realized that protesting any further would draw attention to how upsetting the fortune really was. –Trust your intuition. The universe is guiding your life.”
End Notes:
None of these drabbles are related. Some may contain hints of slash, but nothing overt
It's Only Eleven by Polgara
Author's Notes:
Wordcount: 100

Challenge: #41 Coffee

Summary: Buffy notices something unusual about Gibbs.
Tony trailed off as he realized that Buffy was no long listening to him. The young woman who was working with them on their current case had a perplexed look on her face as she studied Gibbs. He wasn’t sure exactly what the company she worked for did, but apparently they carried a lot of weight since the Director insisted they cooperated fully with her.

–Something wrong?” He asked.

–That’s his sixth cup of coffee,” she stated with a frown.

–Yeah, so?”

–It’s only eleven a.m.”

–That’s the Boss for ya,” he said, flashing his most charming grin at her.
Meaning by Polgara
Author's Notes:
Wordcount: 100

Challenge: #75 Small Favor

Summary: Tony visits a grave with Gibbs.
Tony stood beside Gibbs staring down at the plain headstone in the very secluded part of the cemetery. He wasn’t sure who Buffy Summers was or why it was so important that they come there, but for Gibbs he would do anything. When the older man had asked for him to accompany him to Sunnydale, he couldn’t refuse the favor.

Unshed tears shined brightly in Gibbs blue eyes as he stood in contemplative silence over the grave. It was clear whoever she was, she had meant a lot to him. And because of that, she was important to Tony too.
Much Better by Polgara
Author's Notes:
Wordcount: 100

Challenge: #40 - Towels

Summary: Buffy admires the view.
Buffy rested her head against the doorjamb as she admired the view. As usual, Gibbs had just wiped off the worst of the water before wrapping the towel around his waist. She watched a single drop make its way down his back only to disappear under the white towel.

The blonde watched the muscles shift under his skin as he shaved. Each twist pulling her attention to that patch of exposed skin.

–Like what you see?” He asked, his eyes moving in the mirror to look at her.

–Almost,” she replied, stepping closer only to snatch his towel. –Much better.”
Something Right by Polgara
Author's Notes:
Wordcount: 200

Challenge: #73 Favorite Things

Summary: Gibbs tries to fix things.
Gibbs frowned as he watched Buffy pick at her food. She had been uncharacteristically quiet all evening, which meant little had been said period.

It never failed to amaze him that as good as he was at reading suspects; he was horrible at reading the woman he was dating. Some sort of mental block went up and as of yet he couldn’t find a way around it. But he was certain that something was wrong, and more than likely it was something he had done.

–So what’s wrong?” He finally asked.


–What’s wrong?” He repeated.

She blinked up at him. –What makes you think â€" –

–Because you’ve been acting strange ever since… Did DiNozzo say something to you?”

Her gaze dropped back to her dinner.

–What did he do?” He asked with a sigh.

–Just pointed out that I’m not a redhead.”

–What does that have toâ€" –

–Because your exes all were, and they’re your favorite.”

–And obviously that’s not working for me since they’re all exes,” Gibbs said dryly. –And it’s more the personality that’s associated with the hair color that attracts me. Something you have in spades.”

Her shy smile told him he did something right.
The Right Gift by Polgara
Author's Notes:
Wordcount: 200

Challenge: #74 Lost and Found

Summary: Buffy receives a present.
Tony watched as Buffy gently shook the brightly wrapped gift. It was the first time he’d gotten her something other than flowers.

–What’s this for?” She asked.

–Just because,” he said, flashing her a genuine smile.

A slight blush colored her cheeks as she smiled shyly back. –That’s sweet of you.”

–Don’t spread it around. Ziva wouldn’t fall for it anyway,” Tony countered.

Buffy gave him a sharp nod. –No worries, your secret is safe with me.” She winked at him. –Wouldn’t want Ziva horning in on my territory.”

Tony was surprised by the warmth that flooded through him. To know that she considered him to be hers as much as he considered her his comforted him more than he’d ever thought was possible.

She opened the box and her eyes widened. –How did you…?” Her voice low and soft had a slight tremble.

–Your sister suggested it and I went from there,” he said sheepishly. He wasn’t going to admit that it took him over a month to find the right one.

–It’s perfect,” she breathed.

Tony grinned. His frat brothers would never believe that the perfect present for this gorgeous woman was a stuffed pig named Gordo Jr.
Too Old by Polgara
Author's Notes:
Wordcount: 200

Challenge: #55 - Music

Summary: Dawn and Abby commiserate together.
–Good job, Abs,” Gibbs said before flipping her stereo back on. Without another word, he left her lab and the loud, thumping music.

–He always like that?” Dawn asked over the music.

–Grumpy? Yeah, but he means well,” Abby assured her.

–No, I meant about the music. I mean, it’s a great motivator and can really help. Each type has its â€" –

–Own purpose!” Abby finished for her. –Gibbs has never gotten it, but he’s a force of his own.”

–But this music is invigorating,” Dawn said with a shake of her head. –Great for getting you up and â€" –

–Solving infinite number of puzzles,” Abby said gleefully. It was rare that she found people who liked her type of music. –Does your sister get it?”

Dawn sighed. –She does, but she claims sensitive hearing and makes me turn it down. She keeps telling me that my ears will thank me one day.”

–Huh, Gibbs has said the same thing to me,” Abby said, taking a thoughtful pull on her Caf-Pow.

The younger girl held up her extra-large chocolate milkshake. –May we never get so old that the music is too loud.”

–Amen to that,” Abby said, knocking their drinks.
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