Never knew what hit them by gibbsbabygirl93
Summary: Gibbs neighbor brings a part of Gibbs past back to life and someone who works with Gibbs comes to help Gibbs with his problem.
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2. Never knew what hit them by gibbsbabygirl93

Never knew what hit them by gibbsbabygirl93
Author's Notes:
Gibbs neighbor brings a part of Gibbs past back to life and someone who works with Gibbs comes to help Gibbs with his problem.
Gibbs and Palmer stayed up all night talking. Gibbs told him when he first started cutting himself, how often he does it and why he does it. The thing that Gibbs relieved that Palmer was the perfect person to tell it to was because he didn’t judge him. Palmer listened to what Gibbs was saying and tried to understand, but didn’t look at him like he was week.
Palmer couldn’t believe what he was hearing Gibbs. The big tough marine Special Agent Jethro Gibbs cut himself. I wanted to ask him why not tells someone sooner, but then I realized that he didn’t want people to think that he was weak. Gibbs needs a friend to help him get through this and that is what I plan to do.
Gibbs was so happy that he told Palmer that he cuts himself. He was thinking at least I have someone I can talk to it about. I don’t have to keep bottled up and have no one to talk to anymore. But He asked Palmer to keep it a secret that he didn’t want anyone else to know, that they my look at him different.
Palmer told Gibbs that I am hear for you, and if you ever want to talk I will listen. But make me one promise that the next time you go to cut yourself call me first and maybe we can talk, that my lead you to get better and stop cutting yourself. Palmer also promised Gibbs that he will keep it a secret and won’t tell anyone and that he also promises that he won’t look at him different.
Gibbs promised Palmer that the next time he feels the need to cut himself he will call Palmer and try to stop.
Palmer said that is all I ask.
The next day the two of them hang out and talk. Worked on Gibbs boat. Gibbs asked Palmer if he wanted to know how he got it out of the basement.
Palmer said yes he would like to know, but that he doesn’t have to tell him
Gibbs said that since you are going to try and help stop cutting myself it is the least that I can do.
Palmer said that he is doing it as a friend and that he doesn’t need to be repaid, but if wants to show him that that would be ok.
Gibbs said that he appreciates the friendship and that he would love to show Palmer how he gets it out of the basement. Gibbs also told Palmer that nobody else knows how he gets it out of the basement, not even Shannon knew.
Palmer took that with great pleasure that he was going to be the first person that Gibbs showed how he gets the boat out of the basement.
The next day at work Gibbs and Palmer went to work in their own cars and went about their everyday life. Nobody suspected that Gibbs was cutting himself and that Palmer was trying to help him stop.
The next case they had, they needed Gibbs to go undercover with DiNozzo Sr. as his little brother. Gibbs was worried about it but didn’t say anything. They got Gibbs the outfit that they wanted him to wear. Gibbs was going to a beach drinking party with DiNozzo Sr. and he needed to wear swim trunks and a short sleeve shirt. Gibbs didn’t want to do it because he always wears a jacket to cover up the cutting marks. When he tried to abject to the short sleeve shirt, Vance told him that since you always wear a jacket even in the summer time and you are going to a beach party you have to wear the short sleeve shirt. Gibbs knew he was in trouble and went down to palmer for advice.
Gibbs told Palmer about the short sleeve shirt and that they will see the cut marks.
Palmer told Gibbs that he will try and help him get out of the short sleeve shirt but he is making no promises.
Gibbs told him thank you and the 2 of them headed back upstairs.
When the 2 of them got back upstairs Vance was there waiting with Gibbs team and DiNozzo Sr. Vance told Gibbs that he has to go get change.
Gibbs was protesting about the short sleeve shirt and Vance said, I said no once and I am not changing my mind.
That was when Palmer cut in and said, Director you have to let Gibbs wear a long sleeve shirt.
Vance said, I said no to Gibbs and I am saying no to you as well. Gibbs will wear the shirt sleeve shirt.
The whole team including Abby, Ducky and DiNozzo Sr. where shocked that Gibbs was refusing a short sleeve shirt even though that if he didn’t wear it could compromise the mission. They were also surprised that Palmer was sticking up for Gibbs.
Vance asked them; give me one good reason that I should let you wear the long sleeve shirt.
Gibbs looked at Palmer and Palmer said, this might be your only choice. I would tell them and Gibbs said are you sure. Palmer said yes, that was when Gibbs said ok. That was when Gibbs took off his jacket and the team gasps at what they saw.
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