My Love by ziva54382
Summary: Ziva finds love in the most unexpected place: her partner.
Categories: Other Het Pairings Characters: Anthony DiNozzo, Ziva David
Genre: Friendship, Romance
Pairing: DiNozzo/Ziva
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1. My Love by ziva54382

My Love by ziva54382
Author's Notes:
Ziva finds love in the most unexpected place: her partner.
Ziva walked into the NCIS squadroom and smiled. Her partner was at his desk, fast asleep. Suddenly an idea popped into Ziva's head and she walked over to stand in front of Tony.

"Rise and shine, DiNozzo," whispered Ziva.

Ziva picked up the water bottle on Tony's desk and opened it. She poured the water onto Tony, waking him up and laughing at him. These kind of jokes were always occurring between Ziva and Tony. Secretly, they had been dating for a month now, but no-one knew and that's how it had to stay.

Gibbs had a rule about co-workers not dating each other and the two agents didn't want to get into trouble. Ziva hated it when Tony played jokes on her but she knew that getting annoyed with him would give away their relationship. Before they had started dating, Tony had always played tricks on Ziva. She had never gotten too annoyed with him though. The tricks were always funny and sometimes interesting.

Tony jerked awake when Ziva poured the water on him but laughed and pulled Ziva into a quick hug when no-one was watching.

"I love you Ziva," said Tony.

"Love you too Tony," replied Ziva. She looked up just in time to pull away from Tony before Gibbs looked over at them.
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