ZIVA by ncislover4444
Summary: Ziva is in some trouble can Tony, Gibbs and McGee help her
Categories: Gen, Het Characters: Abby Sciuto, Anthony DiNozzo, Donald Mallard, Jimmy Palmer, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Timothy McGee, Ziva David
Genre: Action, Drama
Pairing: Abby/McGee, Gibbs/Ziva, DiNozzo/Ziva, Ducky/Ziva
Warnings: Dark story, Domestic abuse, Torture, Violence
Series: None
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1. ZIVA by ncislover4444

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ZIVA by ncislover4444
Author's Notes:
Ziva is in some trouble can Tony, Gibbs and McGee help her
Ziva struggled as a man tried to shove her into the back of a van...
Tony breaks the door down and Gibbs. McGee and Tony enter the small apartment. McGee checks the kitchen first. "Clear." he shouts loud enough for Gibbs and Tony to hear. Tony goes into the bedroom to discover a bed frame leant upright against the wall with handcuffs attached to each corner. "I got something." Tony shouts. Gibbs and McGee rush into the room to see everything Tony had previously seen, and more.
Ziva tried to squirm out of the mans firm grip which proved to be difficult as she was handcuffed and blindfolded. With one forceful blow to the head Ziva was knocked out and put in the back of the small black van.
"Over here." Gibbs said whilst signalling McGee and Tony to put their camera's down and come to him. "Blood." Tony said.
"That means she's injured." McGee said.
"Or worse." Tony said just trying to tell the truth. They bag and tagged everything important and took all the photos needed. Then the people that work in the garage came and cleared all the furniture out of the rooms as evidence.
"It's weird seeing Ziva's apartment so empty." Tony said to McGee as they stood in the doorway.
End Notes:
DISCLAIMER: I don't own NCIS (unfortunately)
Please God Where Is She? by ncislover4444
Author's Notes:
Ziva is missing and Tony and is really starting to worry about her
Ziva wakes up tied to a chair with a scrunched up piece of cloth, soaked in blood, in her mouth to act as a gag. She mumbles and one of the men come walking over. "Oh finally woken up have we?" said the man in a calm voice as he takes the cloth out of Ziva's mouth. The man threw the blood covered cloth across the room. "Now how about we get you to talk." The tall man pulled a knife out of his belt and held it to Ziva's throat. "I am not going to tell you anything you can all go to HELL!" Ziva said in a strong voice even though she was scared on the inside. The man removed the knife under Ziva's chin and walks over to the other men.
Tony, Gibbs and McGee arrive back at NCIS. Gibbs goes down to see Abby and deliver her the news, whilst McGee goes to tell Jimmy and Ducky. Tony sits at his desk and stares at the empty chair where Ziva normally sits. As he stares at it he thinks of the all the good times he has had with Ziva. Solving cases, stakeouts, undercover work, that sort of stuff. The simplest thing brought memories flooding back to him, the way she smiled, the way her hair looked amber in the sun, even the way she got the easiest English idioms wrong. Tony looks up at the skylight and then places his head in his hands and whispers "God, if you are there answer this question, where is she?"
A different man walks over to Ziva and holds the knife once more to her throat. "Tell me everything you know about NCIS!" he shouted directly in her face. Ziva remained silent so the man punched her in the face making her head jolt to the side. The man lifted her head up so that he could look her in the face. She was covered in bruises and cuts mainly on the face but there were some on the body from when they had the cuffed to the bed in her apartment.
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DISCLAIMER: I do not own NCIS I wish I did but I don't
Safe at last by ncislover4444
Author's Notes:
The kidnappers get I contact with Gibbs and the team. But will Ziva be willing to tell them what the want or will Gibbs have to trade her.
McGee, Gibbs and Tony are in the squad room. Tony is still day dreaming whilst staring at Ziva's desk. He is brought back to reality by the sound Gibbs' desk phone ringing. "It's Ziva's cell." Gibbs said as he clicked record on the phone so he could get Abby to analyse any background sound. Tony and McGee jumped out of their seats and ran over to Gibbs' desk where the call was on loud speaker so everyone could hear. "Ziva!?!" Gibbs half shouted down the phone.
"Gibbs." Ziva's shout was distant and it was followed by silence.
"Ahhh so your the famous Gibbs she says is going to rescue her." said one of the men who kidnapped her.
Gibbs puts his fingers on his lips as if to tell Tony and McGee to shut up. "Yes I Gibbs." he says in a calm voice.
"Well if you want to see Ziva alive again you are going to have to persuade her to tell us the information we want. Unless you are willing to trade of course and then I could make a deal."
"Fine we give you the information on a flash drive and you give us Ziva." Tony said quickly before Gibbs could say no.
"Fine meet us behind the old abandoned ware house at 0200 bing the flash drive and you can have the girl." said the kidnapper and then he hung up before anything else could be said.
___________________________________________________________________________________TThe man bent down near Ziva. "Looks like your getting out of here quicker than you thought."
"Whe-where are we going." Ziva's voice sounded weak and scared.
"You are going not us." said the man.
"Your letting me go."
"Not exactly more like trading you in."
"What who's taking my place. Is it Tony, Gibbs, McGee they wont tell you anything, I know them all well."
"Not a who more like a what."
"No. They are not giving you the information just so they can get me back are they."
"Maybe you are as clever as I first thought."
"I refuse to go."
"Or maybe you not that clever."
"What were you thinking DiNozzo." Gibbs said as he head slapped Tony.
"I just need her here so I know she is ok, is that to much to ask." Tony said in a heartfelt way.
"It is when you are trading her for NCIS secrets and that could lead to potential terrorism." shouted Gibbs.
"I could build a computer virus and make it look like secrets when really it is telling us where they are." McGee said in a quick voice.
"Hold on McGeek, basically you can build a thing and put it onto a memory stick and it will tell us where they are." said Tony.
"Yeah." McGee said in a 'that's what I said isn't it' voice.
"Why didn't you say it in normal people language then, not everyone speaks like you McNerd." said Tony.
Abby helped McGee get to work on building the computer virus.

It was 0159 and Ziva was in the back of the van again. They had parked up behind the old warehouse. "Not long now till they show. If they show." said the man holding Ziva. She could see the lights of a car she prayed that it was not Gibbs but it was they had shown and were willing to trade.
"Give us the flash drive." said the kidnapper.
"Give us Ziva." said Gibbs. The man pushed Ziva towards Gibbs and Tony came in and took her to the car.
"Now give me the flash drive." Gibbs hands over the flash drive.
End Notes:
Please give me feed back on what you think so far in the next chapter I am going to add some TIVA and MCABBY **WILL BE WRITING THE NEXT CHAPTER SOON**
Happy once more by ncislover4444
Author's Notes:
Arguments break out but will it be resolved.
They were all in the car on the way back to NCIS, not knowing what to say so they simply stayed silent, but not for long. "What the hell were thinking?!?" Ziva shouted breaking the silence.
"It's not real." Tony said in a calm voice.
" What he means is I built a virus that looks like NCIS secrets when really it is a tracking devise." McGee said and no one really understood him.
"Oh great, perfect that solves everything doesn't it. Oh lets not forget the fact that when they find out that it is a virus they will just kill all of us." Ziva shouted.
"It was that or you ended up dead." Tony said, now losing the calm caring voice that he once had towards Ziva and replacing it with a shout. Everything went back to being silent. This scared Ziva because when she was being tortured every shout was followed my a hit to the head or cut on the arm.
They arrived back at NCIS and stepped into the elevator there they stood in silence whilst the elevator went up. As they got out all but one went to the squad room where they received congratulations for rescuing Ziva. "Where's Ziva." Abby said looking glad that they had come back safely but also sad because Ziva had wondered off without saying hello.
Tony followed Ziva towards the interrogation rooms she went inside one and Tony went into the observation room. She sat facing the mirror. She put her head in her hands and started to cry silently. Tony put on the speaker, "I'm sorry Ziva." he said. Ziva jumped. Tony came in through and sat opposite Ziva. " Are you still mad at me." Tony said as he sat down.
"No." Ziva said with her face still buried in her hands.
"Look at me." Ziva looked up and Tony wiped the tears away from his face. "What's up."
"I practically let them do that to me. I tried at first but then i just gave up and refused to tell them anything. I thought they were going to kill me. I was scared." Ziva admitted this to Tony as she knew and trusted him. She didn't like admitting this but it had to be said. She wouldn't say it before because she didn't like to be seen as vulnerable. Now that Ziva had gotten that out of her system she has fine again.
"Are you OK."
"Yeah, I think I am." Tony lent over the table and kissed her gently on the cheek. They then both left the interrogation room and went up to the squad room.
" Tony, Ziva go home." Gibbs said as soon as they sat down
"My house is still a crime scene." Ziva said half knowing what Gibbs was going to say next.
"Your going to DiNozzo's." Gibbs said, this is secretly what Ziva wanted to hear but she complained none the less.
"Can I not just get a hotel room for the night."
"Fine." she said as Tony and Ziva got in the elevator and left.
When they got to Tony's place he immediately went to get a blanket and pillow. "Have you got a shirt I can sleep in." Ziva asked Tony when he came back in with the blanket and pillow.
"Yeah sure." Tony said going back into his bedroom to go and get one. Shortly after she had gotten dressed she was asleep on the sofa. Tony crouched down beside her and whispered "I love you."
"I love you too." Ziva whispered with her eyes still shut, Tony kissed her gently on the forehead and she fell asleep.
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