gibbs family by fanfic101
Summary: gibbs dinozzo and timothy all one big happy family.
Categories: Gen Characters: Abby Sciuto, Anthony DiNozzo, Donald Mallard, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Mike Franks, Timothy McGee, Ziva David
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1. gibbs family by fanfic101

gibbs family by fanfic101
Author's Notes:
gibbs dinozzo and timothy all one big happy family.
Tony pulled on Tim's sleeve, he tried to pull him back but tim pulled him off and proceeded down the hallway, he turned to his brother and whispered
' hey buddy, look dad will be annoyed with me, not you, mate I am 13, you 12. Don't worry, it's only to ziva's.' tim smiled at tony and opened the door, he winced as it creaked but his father didn't stir, he walked out then shut the door.
He met up with ziva, they both knew that it was dangerous but they didn't care, they loved each other and they wanted to be alone, plus he wanted to see if he could do this on a daily basis, they sat on the swings and looked at each other, tim softly said
' hey, this is fun, don't you think? Had to convince tony to let me go, he is just looking out for me, cuz of the boss man'
Ziva giggled when tim said boss man instead of dad or Gibbs.

They sat there for another hour then tim decided that Gibbs would have woken up and that he should go home, Ziva understood and walked him to the end of his street, she then walked back to her house, tim walked straight into Gibbs and was sat down on a chair, Gibbs was looking at him and there was a hint or disappointment in his eyes
' Tim why did you do this?' he growled impatiently
' well you see boss man, I needed to go, some place, so, I, did!' tim stared at Gibbs and was smiling, he could see that Gibbs would understand in 10 years so it was no big deal.
'How did you get past me?' Gibbs asked, he now looked impressed and amused
' well, might have forced tony to not tell you, and might have planned this and might have unlocked the door already and left it a little open, but I wont reveal my secrets dad.'
Gibbs chuckled and sent tim to bed, tim went to bed but did not sleep, he lay there thinking,

' tim get up, err fbi needs to see you' tony stuttered as he walked up the stairs, tim smiled to himself and walked down, Gibbs looked at him and raised an eyebrow, tim shrugged and sat down
' hey you are timothy right?' an agent asked
' yeh, that's me!' he happily replied.
' well, you know that we are here to arrest you, your under arrest for suspicion of gang war. you have the right to remain silent, this could be used against you' another agent said grimly
' well I am no gang member, but sure, cool, wrong person, but whatever' tim replied calmly, he had the hand cuffs placed on him and he was shoved in a car
tim sat down and began to drum with his fingers, he sat their for about 2 hours and noticed that this is what his dad does to make the people speak, he was not afraid though and when they finally came in he smiled.
' HEY! I guess ma dad is there, behind the glass? no? yes?'
' yes, he is, NOW TELL ME ABOUT THE FUCKING GANG YOU ARE IN!' he grabbed tims throat and shoved him against the wall, tim looked into the agents eyes and coldly said
' get the fuck off me, you twat. I don't fucking approve of this, I ain't in no gang and for god sake GET A MINT'
he was thrown against the glass and punched, the agent then said
' you KILLED MY FRICKEN DAUGHTER' and punched him, the agent had to be pulled off tim by Gibbs and when the agent was hand cuffed Gibbs softly said to tim
' you ok buddy'
' well I think the son of a bitch hates me, and I know his daughter was killed beside me but really, fucking breaking my leg and arm, you asshole' tims leg was bent in the wrong direction and so was his arm, his fingers to and wrist, tim was bleeding badly and was put in a ambulance, the paramedics let Gibbs and ducky come, and mike and tony were in mikes car behind.
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