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Chapter Three

–Nice show, DiNozzo. Jenny, I wouldn’t have expected him to be the guy.”

Tony whirled around, automatically tucking Jen behind him.

–Gibbs? What the hell are you doing here.”

Jethro motioned to Tony’s pants, stretched firmly over his erection. –Not what you were, that much is obvious. Not that I didn’t try.”

Tony sighed and ran a hand through his hair, turning to look at Jen. –Want me to get rid of him or now that he’s seen, you want him to stick around so we can contain him?”

–He may as well stick around. This was one of our options, especially since Tobias knows. Wouldn’t be long before Jethro knew as well. Easier this way.” Jen let her head hang against Tony’s chest, needing to give up all pretenses for a few minutes. Gibbs was right, she had to trust this man, and she did. She just wasn’t used to giving up all control of her life, at least not her professional life. This was what she was going to have to do, at least for the immediate future.

–He was going to figure it out sooner or later. The man may be totally inept at his own relationships, but he can sniff out a couple having sex pretty quickly. Was a skill I appreciated when we were on assignment, not so much right now.”

–Tobias had better keep his damn mouth shut or I’ll shut it for him,” Tony said in a soft but dangerous voice. –And his sniffer can’t be that good. Look at his expression. He didn’t suspect this before now and we’re hardly new.”

Tony led Jen to the den. –Give us a couple of minutes, Gibbs. There are a bunch of menus in the kitchen. Can you order some food for Jen?”

–Sure,” Jethro replied, nodding and disappearing down the hall. They clearly needed a few minutes together.

As soon as he was gone, Tony pulled Jenny tight against him again, stroking the back of her neck. –I love you, honey. We’re going to find out who set you up and trust me, they will pay. But I need to know how you’re doing and don’t BS me, Jenny. We don’t do that with each other.”

–I wouldn’t do that, even if I could. But Tony, I’m fine. I mean, as fine as someone under investigation by the FBI can be. Today, is possibly the worst day of my life, but I know that you and Jethro and the rest of the team are going to find out who is framing me. I’m trying to play nice, but it’s going to get pretty boring if I have to spend too much time hanging around home. I also don’t want a security detail. Whoever this is, they aren’t coming after me. I’m more worried about you, and the rest of the team. They’ll go after the people I love.”

–We’ll have to make sure Fornell contains our relationship. Maybe we can smokescreen it with Gibbs. You two have a history. Would you allow that? I could set him up on security detail, you two could carry on a very public relationship. Might confuse things a bit.” Tony lowered his voice.

–Did he come on to you? Dressed in that, what red-blooded man wouldn’t, and his blood has always run really hot.”

–What do you think? I show up at the front door in a nightie that barely covers anything and a robe that is just as indiscreet. Of course he hit on me. I didn’t reciprocate though, I stopped being a cock tease in my junior agent days.” Could she allow Gibbs to squire her around town, and publicly woo her, knowing his feelings? If she had to she would, but she didn’t relish hurting him. –If Gibbs agrees, I’ll say that it’s fine. But Tony, asking him to do so is playing with fire. He deserves better.”

–He’s an adult, Jen. If he knows the score, and how could he not with the way I just kissed you, and he agrees without coercion, believe that he knows his limits.” The idea of Gibbs coming on to Jenny was a bit of a turn on and Tony would be lying to himself if he didn’t come to terms with the fact that he wanted to see Jen and Gibbs together to meet his voyeuristic tendencies. It made sense in the grander scheme of things as well but…

–I would have understood if you were a little tempted, Jenny.” It was all Tony would say. She could never find out that he’d been sporting a hard-on for Gibbs for years. She had no idea he even had bi leanings and he wasn’t about to let his deepest darkest secret out. Ever. He had a good thing here with a beautiful and capable woman who would not tolerate him wanting another guy, any guy, but especially not that guy, the most hetero guy Tony’d ever met.

–I’ve been down that road before. The bridge has pretty much been burnt, even if we flirt and tease a little. I’m only interested in one NCIS agent right now, and he’s right in front of me.” It was true, but there was always a pull towards Gibbs, he still had something that made him irresistible. She wouldn’t ruin what she had though, for a fling with Jethro Gibbs. Not again. –We’ll talk to him, see what he has to say. If he agrees, I’m fine with it. It’s not like we haven’t done it before. I don’t think anyone in this town would be surprised in the least.”

–Fine with me, Jen.” He brought her hands to the front of his pants. –I’m glad you didn’t kiss anyone beside me. I love your passion and I’m going to devour every bit you’re willing to give me.”

–All you have to do is ask and I’ll accommodate that in every way I can. When this is done, I want to work towards something more permanent. I think we’re ready for it. If you think it’s a good idea.”

–Do I think? Jenny, I love you. I want to be with you forever, permanently. I want to marry you and spend the rest of our lives together, but this isn’t a proposal, not yet. We don’t celebrate an anniversary on the day you got accused of murder. Tomorrow night, you and me, someplace quiet and out of the way. I’ll pull that ring I’ve been hanging onto for six months out of my safe and…”

She looked shocked. –What? You didn’t think I planned ahead? I did. Just been waiting until I was sure you wouldn’t shoot me down. I’m only getting married once, Jenny, and I know it is right, but I had to be sure you did too.”

–I wasn’t expecting that, Tony. I know you love me, but that you want to marry me is amazing to me. I’ll say yes, I want to be with you forever. I just never thought you’d be thinking that way. I’ll wait forever to get a ring, you don’t have to do it tomorrow, just knowing it’s out there is enough for me.”

–I’ve been waiting to give it to you for a while. I designed it myself, picked out the center stone…” He trailed off, feeling slightly embarrassed that he’d put so much time and effort into the ring. –I’ve been thinking that way since we hit a year together. I’ve known in my heart that you were the one for me within the first month, Jen. I just had to be sure you felt the same and saw beyond my persona of party boy to way deep inside.”

–I wouldn’t have accepted your invitation to dinner if I really believed you were a party boy, Tony.” Jen knew enough about her team to know when Tony was putting up a front, and his act was what led Jen to believe that he could pull off a double life during his undercover assignment. It didn’t hurt that he had a fabulous body, something that was sure to catch Jeanne’s eye, but it was his skills that made him perfect. She didn’t think that even Jethro could have pulled off what Tony had. –You may have the horny party boy role down, but I know better.”

–I know. I was just worried. My heart has never been this involved,” he admitted in a quiet tone of voice. –And I was worried that if it didn’t work out, I’d throw myself into a relationship with her to forget you. There’s only one person who ever fascinated me like you do and they aren’t romance material.”

–I’m not sure I’m secure enough to hear about one of your high-school crushes Tony. Who am I to compete against your first love?”

–Not high school, Jen. Someone who is completely never going to know about my feelings and it really doesn’t matter. And I said fascinated, not in a romantic manner necessarily. Just…intrigues me.”

–Fascinated when talking about relationships is always romantic or at least sexual. It’s okay, fantasies are fine as long as they don’t move any further than that.”

–Not always. Abby fascinates me but she’s my little sister.” Did he have to mention a work colleague? –Ducky’s stories fascinate me. Some of my frat brothers lives fascinate me. Not attracted to any of them.”

–You’ll have to tell me someday who it is that has you tied up in knots Tony. I promise not to hold it against you. I might even share one of my untouchable fantasies with you.”

She had untouchable fantasies that she didn’t share? –Maybe someday. It isn’t anyone you’d even imagine me to be fascinated by.”

–I look forward to hearing it.” She knew Tony would tell her eventually, they were good about not hiding things from one another. –And I promise, nothing you say will upset me. I’m quite secure in my womanhood, and what ever you tell me can’t be that bad.”

–I want to hear all about yours too, Jen. You tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine.” He knew he’d admitted that it was a sexual fascination but for now that was okay. He’d play it cool for now.

–You tell me yours I’ll tell you mine. Over a bottle of wine and some candlelight, we’ll make a night of it.”

–Only one bottle?” Tony chuckled. –Need at least two of the good stuff.”

–I want you relaxed, not knocked out Tony. So a glass or two will have to do.”

–Fine.” Tony let out a mock overdramatic sigh.

Jethro ordered some Japanese, including a couple of bottles of sake and tried to adjust his still-hard cock in his pants. He’d never really gotten over Jen and seeing DiNozzo kiss her with such passion and the hardness he’d sported…Jethro didn’t even want to examine what it all meant. He was hard, he was horny, he’d been deprived far too long, and he had to go make nice with two people who probably wanted to fuck their problems away.

He closed his eyes, his imagination carrying him away. Were they fucking right now? Did Tony have her bent over the couch, her ass in the air. He knew damn well she hadn’t been wearing panties in that short thing. He groaned, realizing he was fucking his hand as best he could through his pants. It wasn’t going to go down soon unless he came, so he might as well resign himself to hell and a nasty case of blue balls for now.

–You two decent?”

–When have you ever known me to be decent Jethro. We’re both dressed though, if that will suffice. I will even run up and change, so you’re not uncomfortable. I honestly wasn’t expecting you today.”

–Don’t change a thing, Jenny. Sometimes I like remembering what we had. And I bet Tony loves the view and those legs that don’t end.” He walked in, trying to ignore the fact that he was burning for her and they had to see how hard he was, and dropped into a chair.

–How long have you two been involved?” They looked at each other, clearly waiting for the other to answer, so Jethro plunged onward.

–Japanese on the way, including sake. You used to like sake. You were a lightweight too.”

–We’ve been together for eighteen months now, give or take. I guess we got together while you were still in Mexico, and you’ve been preoccupied since you got back. It’s why you haven’t noticed. We’ve tried to be very careful not to tip our hand.”

Jen went back to the couch she’d been sitting on earlier. –And I am not a lightweight, I was and still am considerably smaller then you are. I’m obviously not going to be able to drink as much as you, and be able to stand.”

–Eighteen months, so Tony fell in love with you and not Benoit? That eases my mind.” He turned to look at Tony, his eyes falling to the other man’s hardness, and he licked his lips, almost without intending to do so. –Treat her well, Tony. She’s a special lady.”

–He’s treating me very well, Jethro, and I can assure you, Jeanne Benoit never stood a chance. Tony’s very professional, and did his job how I asked him to. But no matter what he did with her, he always came home to me.”

Jethro nodded. – Submissive? Good. You deserve the best and if it can’t be me, I’m glad it’s him.”

–Thanks Jethro. I was concerned about what you and the rest of the team were going to think. I know it’s not the most professional relationship, seeing as he works under me. But you can’t pick who you fall for, you better then anyone should know that.”

Jethro shrugged. –I’ve seen the changes in you, DiNozzo. And Jenny? We destroyed that rule in Paris. As long as you two stay professional, I have no complaints, and seeing that I didn’t know, you just must have kept it out of the office.”

–Thanks, Gibbs. Our relationship didn’t have anything to do with my position.”

–I know, DiNozzo. SecNav told me his plans, and they were his and not mine.”
Jethro cleared his throat, his body continuing to throb, eyes flicking down to Tony’s crotch.

God, Gibbs was staring at his cock, and did he just lick his lips? Tony nervously reached down to readjust himself, and Gibbs’ gaze sharpened, the room heating up by like a hundred degrees. Tony watched as Gibbs pressed the palm of a hand against his own pants and then Tony turned to look at Jenny.

–Women’s intuition,” he muttered to her. –Why is Gibbs looking at my pants?”

Jen looked at Jethro, trying to decide if that was indeed what was going on. She couldn’t tell for sure, but if Gibbs was checking out Tony, he wasn’t hiding it. –I don’t know. maybe he wants to see if the competition is as big as he is. You are by the way, if you were wondering.”

Tony choked back a groan. –Yeah, I was,” he admitted in that same low voice.

–Silly males. It’s all about dick size and if you could take him. I wouldn’t place a bet on that fight, but you are a little more gifted in other areas.”

–You have no idea,” Tony whispered in a voice fraught with frustration and desire.

–Down loverboy. Need to get rid of our guest before I test out the fact that you are indeed bigger then Jethro.”

–Significantly?” Tony had to ask in a strained whisper. She had no idea the fact that they were talking about Gibbs’ size was what was getting to him and not the fact that she was so close.

–I wouldn’t say significantly, that would imply four or five inches, and it’s not that. A couple of inches though, yeah.”

–He’s small? Or am I just big enough to make a difference? Tony knew he was larger than most but Gibbs had to be above average as well. –That makes him what? Seven when hard?” He was asking way too many questions but he couldn’t stop himself.

–Give or take. You’re awfully interested in my past lovers Tony. I don’t mind I guess, but don’t expect me to be asking about your former girlfriends. I just don’t want to know.”

Tony coughed, knowing he was sprung. –Sorry, Jen. I was just…surprised.”

–It’s fine. Just not used to being with a man who wants to know is all. Most guys would rather think they were my first, which is ludicrous. But you seem totally comfortable with the fact I slept with your boss.”

He looked her deep in the eyes. –My fascination,” he allowed in a whisper.

–Odd fascination, your girlfriend’s lovers. But everyone has their kink I suppose.”

–Just that one. Just Gibbs.” Tony suddenly wanted her to know. –And he’s looking at my crotch, Jen. From across the room, but he’s staring at it. Look at him.”

–Call him on it, see what he has to say. I’ve never known Jethro to be interested in men.” But she also hadn’t been involved with him in several years either. –You might be imagining it.”

–Does it look like I’m imagining it, Jenny? Tell me. Can’t be objective.”

–Nope, but you still need to ask him what’s going on. I stopped trying to read the man’s mind when he was training me.”

Jethro’s eyes flickered from Tony’s groin to the way Jenny crossed her legs, like that blonde in that movie Diane had liked so much. Damn if he couldn’t almost see everything. His cock was aching and all he could do was rest the heel of his hand against it, giving himself the subtlest bit of friction. He coughed to mask a groan and let his eyes close.

–Now who is the lightweight, Jethro? Or is that old age talking? Need an afternoon nap?”

–You’re a lightweight, Jen. Two glasses of anything and you were putty in my hands. She still like that, Tony?”

–I am not that bad. I think you were doubling up my drinks, I’ve never had that problem since. You were stacking the deck to make sure I was pliable.”

Jethro kept moving his eyes between Jen’s legs and Tony’s crotch. Was it his imagination or was DiNozzo getting bigger. –Never, Jenny.”

Tony was getting a little frustrated. –Gibbs, what the hell are you doing?”

Sprung! Jethro wasn’t sure if he was happy about that or not. –What do you mean, Director DiNozzo.”

Tony shook his head. –Deflect, deflect, deflect. Like you’re not trying to look up Jen’s robe and looking at my pants. What? You want a show or something? You a voyeur, Gibbs?”

–Why would you say that?”

–Give me a break! I’m a guy, I know that palm on the pants thing, Gibbs. And I can see your legs are straining to thrust up. You’re hard and horny, and you’re doing the subtle play with yourself thing. What makes you think I’m going to let you watch Jenny?”

–Wasn’t asking to.”

How could he be so cool under pressure? –Yeah?” Tony crossed the room, dropping to his knees, gripping Gibbs’ hand and pressing it down. As expected, Gibbs thrust up. –Your cock is asking to, Jethro. And that isn’t happening. She’s mine now.” Tony kept holding the other man’s hand in place, admiring the fight going on behind those stormy blue eyes. Gibbs’ muscles twitched and his lips parted, but he didn’t fuck his hand like Tony would have in his position.

Suddenly, Tony had to break Gibbs. He leaned in close, flicking Gibb’s cock head with a fingertip. The other man let out a strangled groan but didn’t shift his body a single inch.

–Jenny, what’ll it take to break him? Show me. Always so in control. Doesn’t it get tiring? Ever just want to throw it all aside for something impulsive and wild?”

–Tony, you don’t mean that.” Jen had never considered bringing someone else into their relationship, but if she were going to do that, it would be Jethro. He’d always been the one who got away, even if it had been her to do the leaving. She’d been involved with others, and loved Tony with all her heart but in the beginning, every man had been compared to Jethro Gibbs. –You’re playing with fire Tony, this isn’t a box you can open and expect to go away. He’s always going to be there if we do this.”

Tony turned, giving Jen a long look. –I mean it. There’s something going on here, Jen. There has been between him and me for a while. Might as well come to terms with and lay it out on the table. He either wants to watch, take you, or play. And the fact that he hasn’t shoved me away yet says a lot. A het guy doesn’t let another guy touch his dick without decking him.”

Tony stood, unwilling to let Gibbs do that to prove a point. –He was checking me out, Jen. He wasn’t being shy about it. What purely hetero guy does that?”

He met Gibbs’ eyes, seeing the emotion blazing. The older man’s hand still rested on his hardness, fingertip moving so subtly Tony almost missed it. –What strait guy does what he’s doing, Jen. Abby’s right, he’s a no-holds-barred guy.”

–You guys have discussed this?”

–Idle drunken chat between friends. BDSM, slap and tickle, if you’d pitch or catch.” Tony replied with a shrug. –Stop deflecting, Gibbs.”

–Yes, sir.”

God, that charged Tony up. He glanced over to Jen and crossed the room, going back to her. –Sorry. I declared my interest. It’s there. Can’t take it back. Think of it as Tony DiNozzo wanting to sample everyone just once. Can’ do that anymore, now that I have Jenny. Just a stupid move on my part, you both are used to that.”

He hatedâ€"hated!â€"acting so casual about this, but it obviously wasn’t the right time. And maybe he’d screwed up everything with Jen in the process. He was an idiot. He was thinking with his dick. But that wasn’t true. Tony had more than a healthy respect for Gibbs, something he’d never been willing to explore in detail.

–If you’re sure, I’ll try Tony. But you have to be really sure. I don’t want this to come between us, I won’t let a past with Jethro interfere with a future with you.” Jen snapped, and was pleased to see that Gibbs jumped to attention. In Paris, they had played with dominance, but she would never use that against them in the office. –I’ll play, but you’re opening a can of worms you might not be ready for.”

Tony collapsed back onto the couch, looking from Gibbs to Jen, neither of whom spoke, both of whom seemed absolutely calm and cool and collected instead of on the edge like he was. He couldn’t stop the words as they flooded out.

–What can of worms, Jen? What about the fact that he pulled me back from the brink of death when I was in the hospital and I fucking fell in love with him that day? Do you have any idea how hard that is, falling in love with a bastard like Gibbs? Before you, Jen, he was all I could think about, fantasize about, try to fuck out of my psyche. And now he’s here, as close to offering anything as I ever expected and I could lose you over it? On the worst day of your life? On the day I told you I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you? And they call him the selfish bastard and not me? You should cut your losses and dump me.”

The doorbell rang and he stood up, yanking his shirt out to cover his hard-on. –I’ll get it. I need some time to think, anyway. We all do.”
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