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Chapter 5

Jethro watched Jenny, waiting for her to tell Tony what she wanted. He was more than willing and able to let this play out how ever the couple wanted and shifted slightly, bag with lube and condoms bumping against his leg. Tony must have brought those up, Jethro realized.

Jenny reached out for her Tony, wanting to reassure him. She knew this was what her partner wanted, but he was still unsure enough to need to keep a hold on her or at least have her close enough to touch. How this was going to work, she wasn’t sure. Tony was an only child who wasn’t used to sharing his toys.

–Sit down, Tony, you need to relax some.” Jen motioned him next to Gibbs. –We have all the time in the world tonight, and while I’m sure you want to get to the good stuff, I think we need to enjoy each other first.” With the sexy panties she wore under her robe and nightie, she allowed herself the little feminine touches that made it bearable to have to play with all the big boys.

She slipped the robe off her shoulders, fiddling with the straps to her nightgown. –We can play without being serious and I’m in no rush.”

Tony angled a glance to Gibbs, a slight knowing smile playing over his face, even though his eyes were a little uncertain.

–Yeah, but I have pressing matters,” Gibbs said quietly, winking at Tony. He came up off the bed and kneeled behind Tony, rubbing his shoulders. –Relax, you’re going to get what you’ve been wanting. We all are. You get to direct this movie, DiNozzo.”

His hands slid down Tony’s body, finding his hardness and stroking it gently, a hand curving around it. Tony gasped and Jethro wrapped his other arm low around his waist, pressing himself against Tony’s back and rocking against him. –How’s that, director? Want to do this with you buried inside that beautiful woman?”

Tony gasped and nodded, rolling his head back against Gibbs’ shoulder.

–Okay. Lets get her clothes off together. Then we can strip each other, or we can let her do it to us. Imagine her on her knees, licking our cock heads.”

–You’re talkative in bed,” Tony managed.

–You complaining?”

Tony chuckled and shook his head, leaning over to kiss Jen deeply. Her nipples were hard and he palmed one through the silk, watching as Gibbs lowered his mouth to the other. Never one to be left out, Tony pulled her remaining nipple into his mouth, licking and flicking it with the flat of his tongue.

–Oh, that’s nice, real nice.” Jen tried to arch up, but felt on warm hand on her stomach holding her in place. –When I said go slow, I thought I’d be able to participate. I want to play too.” The hand didn’t let up though and was joined by a second one, not from the same person. –You two are enjoying this way too much.”

–Oh yeah,” Gibbs whispered from around her nipple. She was getting wet now, her musk in the air, their scents blending.

–Always enjoy my responsive woman, –Tony added, dragging the wet silk over her body. He slid down lower, pulling her sodden panties off and driving his tongue inside, devouring her, flicking hr clit with his tongue.

Gibbs’ hand was in Tony’s hair and he thought he heard the wet sounds of deep kisses, but she was so moist and responding and he just wanted to drink her in for a few more decades.

Gibbs shifted and came back onto the bed, kneeling now, palm running over his hard cock. –Participate away, Jen.”

–Don’t mind if I do.” Jen pushed up using her elbows as leverage, and took the head of Jethro’s cock in her mouth. She recognized the taste immediately, and moaned. She knew the vibrations would drive Jethro crazy. Letting go, she looked up at her lover, knowing he would want more. –I want to see you take Tony, while he’s eating me. I think that would be extremely sexy.”

He stroked a finger down her face. –Then stop. I’m so ready right now and I want to make this last for him.” When she lifted her mouth away from him, he leaned in and kissed her tenderly. –Missed you so much, Jenny.”

He moved down Jen’s body. –Gonna bury myself inside you, Tony. Gonna fuck you. Jenny wants to watch me take you so let’s give her a show.” He leaned in, licking Jenny’s clit and then turned DiNozzo’s head, kissing the other man deeply, moaning as their tongues tangled.

Leaving Tony to Jenny’s sweet cunt, he slipped a condom on and slicked himself up. –Relax, Tony. Gonna get you ready to take me.” He got Tony naked without any problem, that tight ass ready for him.

Tony was relaxed and his finger slipped beyond the ring with relative ease, Tony’s breathing evened out after only a couple of seconds. It took only minutes to prepare Tony, and soon he was easily taking three of Jethro’s fingers and bucking back against them.

–All ready for me, Boss?” Jethro asked into Tony’s ear. He nodded and Jethro removed his fingers, peeling off the condom he’d used to keep his hand clean. –Watch Jen. I’m going to bury myself in his hot ass.”

He pushed in slowly, groaning. He was so hot and tight. –Ah, Tony. Good.”

Tony threw his head back, moaning low. –Gibbs…” He hadn’t felt like this in forever, if he ever had. Liquid fire ripped through him and he rode it out, closing his eyes for composure. This was Gibbs inside him and that was fucking amazing,

Gibbs opened his eyes, stilling, watching Jen. –Like what you see, Jenny?”

He experimentally tightened around the other man’s cock, his body tense and keyed up. The less he thought about this, the better or else it’d be over before it even began. –God, Gibbs…”

–Mmmmm… Like doesn’t even begin to cover what I’m feeling right now. Love, on the other hand comes a little closer.” She had known how beautiful the guys would look together, and Tony, bless him, hadn’t stopped his actions. –Tony knows just how much I’m enjoying this scene. I’m so incredibly turned on right now, I don’t think there is enough either of you two could do to satisfy me.”

Gibbs came over Tony’s back, stilling inside him and leaned over, stroking a finger inside Jen. It was awkward and a little uncomfortable but it brought him close to her wet center. He leaned in, licking her slowly before backing off and muscling Tony ’s entire body onto the bed, body no longer bent over the mattress.

Tony groaned, taking on more of Gibbs’ weight and grunted as he hit the bed, weight on hands and knees, He was content to let the other man move him for their combined pleasure.

–Watch him, Jenny. Watch what I’m doing to him.” They were head to foot with Jen, both of their hands playing with Jenny’s wet folds. He started fucking Tony in long strokes.

–Stroke him, Jen. Bet he’s dying to have that hand around his cock. Never told me he had such a great cock. And you do, Tony. I’m gonna deep throat you.”

Gibbs was a talker in bed? Who knew? All Tony could concentrate on was that hot cock buried in his ass and how damn good that felt. –Gibbs,” he groaned. The man was a master, he must have known exactly where to hit, where his prostate was. Tony was already seeing stars, his cock leaking.

And it was Gibbs fucking him. GIBBS!

–Jen,” he groaned, twisting his head to look at her face.

Jen slowed her strokes down, wanting to make this last for Tony as long as possible. –You’re so beautiful, Tony. You’re suited for this, never thought I’d enjoy someone else putting that look of bliss on your face but I’m glad I’m part of it. Isn’t he pretty, Jethro?”

–Yeah,” Gibbs said in a low tense voice, his need painting every word and every gasp and moan. –Tony…Jen, he’s the tightest, hottest glove. I want this to last forever.” He slowed his thrusts a little, lengthening them into slow, long motions, pausing when he bottomed out.

There was something incredibly kinky about fucking Tony so close to Jen, not the least of which being the way she looked at them, the heat in her eyes.

Gibbs turned Tony around gently, moving completely in sync with him. –Sink inside her, Tony. The three of us merged as one.”

Tony swallowed hard, kissing Jen thoroughly, green eyes meeting green eyes, Gibbs’ satisfied moans ripping through him and leaving a whimpering bundle of need behind. –Jen, he’s so incredible.”

–Yes, he is. Or at least he was. I can assume he’s just as good as I remember.” That admission was going to get her in trouble, but she loved it when Tony punished her. –He knows how to make you feel good, doesn’t he, Tony?”

–Yeah,” Tony gasped, looking down at Jenny. He was completely overcome, not only with lust but by emotion too. –He’s just as amazing as I thought and hoped he’d be, Jen. So good. For you too?”

The movement of both men was hard, and there wasn’t a set rhythm but it was still exciting. –I’ve never had any complaints, but this is beyond anything I know. You’re both going to have to work real hard to top this experience.”

Gibbs leaned over Tony, staring into Jen’s eyes. –I think we can try, Jen. Long as it isn’t a one time thing.” He loved this wholeness and didn’t want to question what it all meant. He put a hand on Tony’s shoulder to still him and kissed Jenny tenderly, then turned Tony’s face and kissed him as well.

He froze as Tony moved inside Jenny, watching them, letting his own lust build, just taking his pleasure from their bond. –You two look incredible together. Perfect. Can’t believe a guy like me gets to share.”

Tony twisted his head around. Was Gibbs being humble? He was the glue that had brought him and Jen together initially. –You belong here, Gibbs. Make no mistake about it. We wouldn’t have said yes if we both didn’t want this.”

Tony had stilled too but he clenched and released his ass muscles and he could see he was pushing Gibbs toward the edge. –Fuck me, Gibbs,” he said as he started driving into Jen deeply again.

–God, Tony.” When he started doing that grip and release thing, Gibbs’ hold on his control started to fracture. –Tony!” The other man started working his cock faster and harder and Gibbs came with a choked groan, resting his head against Tony’s back and allowing his weight to help DiNozzo go deeper inside Jen.

Jen’s whole body was vibrating with lust, as the weight of both men moving in her was enough to push her body over a second time. –You’re so good baby, so in tune with what I need. Didn’t even know myself that I needed the both of you today but you did. Willing to make that kind of sacrifice to make me happy. I love that about you.”

–Jenny,” Tony whispered. Gibbs was strong and solid against his back and Jenny was soft and wet and hot under him and it was too much pleasure for one man to take. He leaned in, kissing her passionately, driving himself inside her with deep thrusts that Gibbs assisted, his own weight pushing Tony higher.

–Jenny…” He was right on the edge but wanted to make sure he had wrung all the pleasure out of her he could.

–You’ve given me so much today, Tony. Don’t hold back now.” Jenny said, before nipping at his lower lip. –We both deserve the pleasure you’re holding back. I know Jethro will enjoy it almost as much as I will.”

Tony turned his head, looking back at the man atop him as he pulsed and exploded inside Jenny. After a moment of locking eyes with Gibbs, he turned to Jenny, nodding, chuckling, completely crazed from the sensations rocking him. –I love you, Jen. –We’re going to be absolutely fine.”

–There ya go, DiNozzo,” Gibbs stroked down the younger man’s body, rolling off him but continuing to rest a hand on his sweaty back. –You just relax, Tony. Just relax.”

Gibbs stripped off the condom and tossed it away, then stretched out on his back, breathing deeply, completely satisfied at being with these two.


Ducky continued to sip his tea, watching Abby. She hadn’t commented since he’d mentioned that he could be uncivilized. –Do you like your tea, my dear?”

–It’s great, Ducky. I’m really enjoying our afternoon out. I don’t feel like a princess all too often.” Abby wondered just how uncivilized her companion could be. She just couldn’t see Ducky doing something totally under handed; he was just so nice. –I’m just worried about what’s happening. What might still happen. I don’t see us getting a lot of support, as long as the Director is under suspicion. They’re going to try to keep us from doing anything to help her. We need to do something, and as long as it doesn’t involve murder I’m behind it. If only someone could talk to Jeanne. Let her know she must be wrong.”

–We can make that happen, Abigail. If you think she’d respond to us, that is.”

–I can hope. We’re not threatening, no matter how uncivilized you say you can be. We aren’t active agents, which might also help. I think maybe if you speak to her about how you knew her father, how much you liked him.” Ducky had a way with women, even if he was just trying to be kind. –We should have invited her to tea, this really is fantastic. These little cookies make the whole deal for me. The tea is good, but cookies. Yeah, that’s good. If that doesn’t work, I’ll talk to her. Woman to woman. Explain a few things to her; maybe get her to see she doesn’t have to do this. I think she knows who really did this, and it wasn’t Jenny.”

–Telephone her, Abby. You’re much less threatening. If we can meet with her together, we might be even less threatening. Who would be intimidated by me, after all?”

–Take that back, I am so threatening!” Of the two of them, Ducky was probably the least threatening but he was looking t this as she was a female and Jeanne might not flip out if she were to reach out to her. –I’ll call, I don’t know

–It might not be a bad idea, Abigail. Could it hurt to try?”

–I don’t think so. But if she goes to the FBI saying we’re harassing her. It’s bad enough they removed us from the case, but I don’t want to get any of us in more trouble then we already are.” Abby wasn’t sure if them getting involved would make Jeanne more determined to see this to the end, or if the woman could be reasoned with. –They’re already after Madam Director, what’s to say she won’t finger another member of the team too?”

–Because, my dear girl, it will make her seem all the more desperate and she wants to appear stable and credible. By throwing around wild accusations, she merely makes it worse for herself. And trust me, Abigail, she wouldn’t want it. It undermines her entire case for revenge.”

–No, she wouldn’t want to look any more crazy then she already does. That they believe her, that’s what amazes me.” Abby couldn’t imagine why Jeanne was going after the Director. Tony made sense; he was the face of her pain. But going after the director of an agency was ballsy. –I would think that Fornell would need a credible lead, not a heart broken daughter who will say anything to pin the blame on the agency that she blames for her fathers death.”

–So we talk to Fornell, my dear. We’ll get answers. We’re completely devoid of anything that would cause anyone to become defensive so let’s put our detective hats on and become Holmes and Watson.”

–He might listen to me.” Abby had noticed that Tobias Fornell had a way of watching her that made her think that he might enjoy her short skirts and leather boots. –I’d be honored to be your Watson, Ducky. Without my babies, I don’t know what I’ll be able to do. But I can research with the best of them. It would be better if I could get my hands on the forensic evidence the FBI has, I’m way better then their lab rat. But I don’t think I could swing that. Maybe with a shorter skirt, but I’m not sure I want to pander myself out that way. I’ll just have to make do.”

Ducky flicked a gaze at Abby’s legs and smiled. –Those gams will get you anywhere, my dear Watson.”
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