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Author's Chapter Notes:
Jenny, Gibbs, and Tony consider the arrangement before them.
Chapter Four

Jethro watched DiNozzo stalk out and leaned forward, arms on his knees, hands lightly clasped together. He sifted through the information. He’d known DiNozzo had some kind of feelings for him but he would never have termed them as love. Or lust. Just healthy hero worship.

–He really loves you, Jenny. You ready to get married?” That seemed to be the safest topic at the moment.

–After what just happened, you want to ask me if I’m ready to get married?” Jen couldn’t believe that Jethro wanted to have this conversation, not when there were so many other things going on around them. –Are you interested in Tony? If you are, I’m not going to say you can’t play with him, Jethro. I wouldn’t deny him that. Anyone else I’d have some serious problems with it, but you aren’t a threat to my relationship. You were hitting on me earlier, so I know you’re interested in me. But it’s a package deal, me and Tony or nothing.”

Jethro let out an ironic laugh. –I was trying to be safe, Jenny, but as usual, you cut right to the heart of the matter.” He nodded, admitting his interest to her. –But I don’t want you two to be stressed over it. I’m not as invested as he is. Jenny, I had no idea… You didn’t either.”

It was a statement and not a question.

–No, I didn’t know. I’m not surprised, I knew he had a case of hero worship, but not that it went any deeper.” Jenny couldn’t help but wonder how long it had been going, but she was pretty sure it went back to when Gibbs found him and brought him to NCIS. –I can’t deny that the two of you together will be extremely sexy.”

Jethro shook his head and laughed slightly. –You wouldn’t mind if we…played? All three of us? Together? What is this? You get accused of murder and then add a sexual escapade to your repertoire?” He didn’t mean to sound so flippant. –I didn’t mean that the way it sounded. I really am interested in both of you.”

–I know you didn’t mean it that way, Jethro; you’re just shocked and things are getting away from you. I know how much you need to be in control. I just figure what do I have to lose? What ever happens between us all won’t break up Tony and I. You and I have always had chemistry and I will do whatever it takes to make Tony happy. It’s a win/win situation for all of us.”

–Yeah, it isn‘t you who stands to lose your career.” He couldn’t take the words back and smacked his forehead lightly. –I didn’t mean that the way it sounded either. I just meant that if anyone ever found this out, it would sink me and Tony professionally. Though I guess a threesome would do the same for you.”

Had she scanned the entire house for bugs? They could have already set up their own ruination. Surveillance, he mouthed to her?

–You think I would let you two go down for something I actively participated in? You obviously don’t know me as well as I thought you did. No one is going to find out.”

–No, I don’t think you’d let it happen, Jenny.” Jethro brushed a kiss over her forehead. –Was just worrying out loud.”

Jen should have considered what was really worrying Jethro. –I swept the house, found several badly hidden bugs. The FBI is currently listening to my laundry being done down stairs. There is a camera in my office, but they’re not aware I found it. I’ll shut it down tomorrow, we just have to stay away from the office while naked.”

–Okay, I’ll relax then. If Tony wants it as much as I do, and you do too, we’ll do it.” He was really going to have a threesome with Jen and Tony! It boggled his mind.

–It was never a matter of wanting you or not wanting you. I needed to find myself again, I was so wrapped up with you. And you were still wrapped up with your soon to be ex-wife.”

Jethro had never thought of it that way, the way she had perceived it. –Not true. I was in love with you. I just couldn’t…” It was all in the past now. Maybe he’d tell her someday, but maybe he wouldn’t. A lot depended on what happened today.

–You couldn’t and I wanted to. Even knowing going in that you couldn’t, I went and fell in love with you and expected a ring and the white dress.” She’d been young and stupid then, but she couldn’t help the little girl dreams she had. –I thought I could handle you, and found out it wasn’t as easy as it seemed.”

–I wanted to. I wanted it too much. I didn’t want to love another woman and lose her, Jenny. I loved you so damn much. You were an agent, you were in danger all the time and losing you would have killed me. I couldn’t bury another wife!” So he’d started sabotaging their relationship until she finally turned away from him, then, in his mind, he could blame her.

He looked away, wasn’t able to see if she was pitying him for his outburst.

–It was the wrong time for both of us, Jethro. I was too green, on the job and in relationships. I said I only wanted a little fun while I could get it, but I never meant it.” Jen sighed; they should have had this discussion a long time ago, before she left Paris. Since it hadn’t happened then it would have been wise to do it when she was reassigned, but even then she’d been afraid of what he would say. –We sure screwed up, didn’t we? Obviously, we had no clue what the other wanted. But I don’t regret the time we spent together Just wish it had ended differently. Although I wouldn’t trade what I have with Tony for the world.”

–Where you were concerned, Jen, it was always the wrong time for me. I wanted you too much. I couldn’t allow myself to be in love and lose again. That almost killed me.” So he’d married people he didn’t really like. Some companionship was better than caring too much. –You made your choice, Jenny. I made mine. Even though I miss you, I know you have DiNozzo. I know.”

–You’re right, I do. And yet, we’re standing here discussing the fact that the man who wants to marry me wants you in ways neither of us could have guessed. We can’t seem to keep away from one another.”

–No, I knew we couldn’t when you showed up as my new boss.” He gave her a small smile. –And now I’m going to be sleeping with both bosses. That was never on the table when Tom was the director.”

–It might have been, you just weren’t looking, Jethro. Tom may have been checking you out every time you came into MTAC, but you weren’t receptive.” Jen laughed, knowing that Tom Morrow was a happily married man with three daughters. The likelihood of him checking out Gibbs was slim to none. –If you had played nice, you might have been able to sleep your way into the director’s chair.”

–Somehow, Jenny, I don’t think I was Tom’s type. Then again, I wouldn’t have thought DINozzo either…” He trailed off, giving her a challenging look. –Two directors for the price of one. What’d I do to get this? Oh yeah, forgot. I’m irresistible. Three exes would disagree, but you were always head and shoulders above them, Jenny.”

–You only say that because I didn’t marry you. You might not be so kind if I had taken you up on any one of your proposals during the heat of passion.” She had been tempted, and had even done it once just to see his reaction. It had been priceless, and she almost hadn’t told him that she didn’t mean it. He had been relieved, but there had been a sadness in his eyes, something that had stuck with him until the day she left him standing in a hotel lobby in Paris. –I think that today is just your lucky day, Jethro Gibbs. Of course, I don’t plan on there being two directors for long. So take advantage of it while you can.”

–I say that because you were the one who got away, Jenny. You played with my heart. You turned me down so many times, then said yes, and it was like it was a joke.” His voice softened and he remembered the pain of it. –You’re the only woman alive who has ever broken my heart multiple times. You’re the only woman I ever fell in love with since…” He looked down and away until he’d rearranged his features.

–Now, this is my lucky day, huh? Any chance of tying you up?”

–You’re not the senior agent in bed tonight, Jethro, so you might end up tied up if you’re lucky. We’ll see what happens tonight. I have some silk ties that might come in handy. Of course, I might just be saying that to see how excited I can get you. I’m not the same little girl who fell into your arms.” Jen loved to tease, and Gibbs was eating it up. –I don’t just go along with whatever happens. I control the situation when I can.”

–You always did,” he said quietly, unable to let go of his pain quite yet. He needed a little perspective to clear his head, and come to terms with this.

Tony stuck his head into the den. –Food is here. Dining room table, okay?”

Jethro jumped up and immediately moved into Tony’s personal space, lightly grasping his shirt. –Feeling’s mutual, DiNozzo.” When Tony’s eyes just widened, Jethro ran a thumb over the other man’s lower lip. –Feel how much I want both of you.”

He pressed his hips against Tony, their cocks rubbing against each other’s, forcing a groan through his clenched teeth. –After dinner, Tony. You’re my dessert. Our dessert.”

He turned and eyed Jen, nodding. –Package deal suits me, Jenny. Suits me really well.”

–Me too, Jethro. I think that it will work very well for us. I want Tony happy, and if this makes him happy, I’m all for it.”

Tony couldn’t speak or talk. Every brain cell was centered under his belt where he pressed against Gibbs. –Happy, yeah.” He covered Gibbs’ hand with his and thrust his hips upward, groaning when the other man pressed against him urgently, straining just as much.

–Gotta eat, Tony. But I don’t want to stop, either. Be patient.”

–I don’t want to be,” Tony groaned the words out, flicking Jethro’s thumb with his tongue. The man only responded by tightening his hand so subtly that Tony almost missed it.

–I know. But Jenny needs to eat. Come on, loverboy.”

–I’m going to need a lot of energy to keep up with you two. So dinner is a necessity. But I’m really looking forward to dessert.”

–I think we all are,” Jethro said in a strained voice. He reluctantly released Tony and followed the younger man into the dining room. –He big?” Jethro asked Jenny in an undertone, wanting to be prepared.

–One thing on a man’s mind, is he bigger than me?” It was fun to know both of her boys had the same concerns, although for different reasons. –He’s a little bigger than you, not so much that it’s noticeable to the average eye, but to someone who has been intimate with the both of you, yeah, I know.”

Jethro nodded. –You have enough lube? Condoms? Or you on the Pill?” She gave him a shocked look and he shrugged. –I didn’t plan this, so I’m not prepared.”

–I don’t generally have orgies around here, so condoms and lube aren’t something I stock. Maybe Tony came prepared, but I don’t think so. Someone is going to have to make a drugstore run. I can improvise so much, but not on condoms. I’m protected but you two are the ones with the problems.”

–Let me. You two make sure you’re okay with this, Jen. Save me some teriyaki chicken and sake.” He bent down and kissed her cheek, then squeezed her hand. He knew he was safe but he couldn’t be sure about Tony…and Jen, now.

When Jen came in alone, Tony’s heart sank. –He left? Too much for him? Will he keep his mouth quiet?”

–Oh, he left all right, but he’ll be back shortly. I’m not prepared for the lovefest that is to come. He was making a condom and lube run. Thought it might be best if the two of us had a little time to discuss while he wasn’t here.” Jen took the plate Tony was holding and sat down at the table, motioning him to follow. –I’m going in eyes wide open, but you need to make sure you’re ready for this. There’s a lot of emotional baggage that comes along with Leroy Jethro Gibbs. You have to be ready for that.”

Tony felt relief run through him. –Bareback is okay, long as he’s clean.” Tony filled his plate with teriyaki chicken, rice, and sushi but bypassed the sake. He wanted to be clear-headed for tonight.

–He still would have gone out, Tony. He wanted us to talk and make sure of what we wanted. It’s how he is, and nothing either of us would have said could change that.”

–What do you mean, Jen? You’re making it sound like this is more than it is. Do you want more?” He chewed his food slowly. –I wasn’t even thinking of beyond the here and now.”

–It could be just tonight, but for as big of a commitment phobe Gibbs is, he’s looking for the perfect situation. Another couple, would be pretty close for him. I don’t really know, I’m working with the little information that I was able to glean tonight, and what I remember from our time together. But that was a long time ago, and he’s changed since then. I don’t know what to expect today. We’re going to have to play it by ear.”

Tony sucked in a breath. He hadn’t considered anything except sex since the blood went rushing to his cock. –We’re solid, though? You and me, we’re a team. I know you guys have a past…but…you’re not doing this out of some need for closure, right?”

–I left him, that’s about as closed as you get, Tony. I’m with you and solid pales in comparison to what I feel about our relationship. Jethro won’t come between us, and I don’t want you worried about that. This is your fantasy, and I get to live it with you. Yeah, we have a past but you are very much my future.”

–Does it bother you? That I’ve been interested in Gibbs forever? That I sometimes like…guys? Not as a steady diet, unless it was the right guy.” Like Gibbs, Tony thought with an inward smirk. –And I’ve always been careful. You know I’m clean.”

–Does it bother you that Jethro and I managed to have sex from one end of Europe to the other? And for the record, it was a very steady diet. The man can keep going longer than the energizer bunny.” Taking a bite of her dinner, Jen chewed slowly, watching Tony’s reaction to her words. –I know you’re clean, I believed you when you told me but I also get your medical records on my desk after your physical. I also know that Jethro is clean and we have nothing to worry about. Having said that, I trust the two of you to take care of me in that sense. I can also assure you I am clean, and intend to stay that way.”

Tony shook his head, meeting Jen’s eyes. –No. Kind of…you know…turns me on. The two of you together. I’d like to watch sometime. There’s this chemistry and energy that comes from you two being together. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it is way too intense, but I can never tear my eyes away. I want to be a part of that chemistry. I want to share what we have with Gibbs.”

–And we will. It’s going to change us, all of us. I don’t know that it’s going to be for good or not. I hope, I don’t want this to go badly for any of us. It could, even if we all agree that we’re adults and can do this and walk away without it hurting. We can do this right? I’m not worried about us, but I am worried about what it could do to all our relationship. We still have to work together after this.” She started eating and Tony breathed a silent sigh of relief.

Tony finally broke the silence, putting his thoughts in words. –We can do this, Jenny. We will do this. We can be mature about this and keep it out of the office. I know you and I can do it, and you and Gibbs have been doing it since you came here. If Gibbs and I can do it with you, what makes you think we can’t do it with each other. We can keep the freaky for after hours.” He gave her a brief smile. –Ever considered trying a strap-on? We could have Jethro pick one up on the way back.”

Jen’s expression turned wistful. –Jethro hasn’t always kept it out of the office. He’s used our previous relationship when he thought it would get him further. He’s just been tactful enough to keep it out of the bullpen most of the time. Not always, but sometimes.”
Playing devil’s advocate wasn’t a lot of fun, not when this was what she wanted. But Tony had to be one hundred percent sure this was what he wanted. –Why would I need a strap-on, I have two willing and able men at my beck and call. I can order the two of you around all I want, and never get tired. Sounds like a great deal to me.”

–Jethro has always used every relationship to his advantage, Jenny. Abby he plays like a master, he guilt trips Ducky whenever he needs to; he terrifies Tim. It’s the way he works to get the best out of all of us. I’d be naïve to think he’d never used me. He has. He’s used me the most because he knows he’ll get the results he wants. This is nothing new. But he has places he won’t cross and he won’t use this if he intends to have a job at NCIS.”

Jenny understood what Tony was saying but it still grated. –I understand that, and I don’t mind. But we’re giving him a whole world of blackmail to work with. Not that he’d use it so blatantly, but he could end up running the organization from his cube in the bullpen if he wanted to.” Jen knew it could happen, but she also knew, at least she hoped that Jethro wouldn’t do that. –Of course, this could be all a moot point. Gibbs could have decided on his way to pick up supplies that we aren’t worth the hassle.”

–Oh, you’re worth the hassle, both of ya. You done with the Gibbs character assassination so we can get down to business, or should I join in? You forget, Jenny, I’m a reservist and I have the most time of all of us invested in NCIS. I stand to lose a lot as well. What happened to faith, Jenny? Did you lose it when Tony and I got hard or are you just scared?”

Jenny whirled around, scrambling to her feet, hands on her hips. –Damn it, Jethro, don’t sneak up on me like that. Have you considered that not all of us are super stealthy any longer and don’t expect that we’ll be snuck up on in our own house.” Jen turned around and scowled at the man she had just been discussing. –You don’t have to knock, but be considerate, especially when you’re eavesdropping.”

–Damn it, Jenny, sharpen your instincts. What if it’d been the FBI. They aren’t necessarily going ring the bell and wait to be let in. Don’t let your guard down. I wasn’t sneaking or slinking or stalking or any other fancy word you can come up with.”

Jethro touched her hair gently. –If you don’t want to or aren’t ready for this, I can be a gentleman. No regrets and no repercussions. You guys have to be sure. You have to trust and believe in me.”

Tony admired Gibbs’ restraint. –Jen? Honey, you mean everything to me. It’s in your hands.”

–I didn’t lose anything, just needed to make sure Tony knew what we were opening ourselves up to. You can’t tell me that it will be the same after tonight, even if we all walk away and act like nothing happened. I’m open to whatever happens today. Tony needed to know, this isn’t just a one night relationship and we all walk away to never see one another again.”

–Can’t be the same even if we walked away. The director had his hand on my dick, Jen. I’m not inclined to forget how sexy that was.” Jethro looked at Tony. –I’m not a one-night relationship guy. Three ex-wives and your partner can attest to that. But I’m ready to see what happens, if you’re brave enough to do so.”

–Oh, trust me, Gibbs. I am.” Tony shoved back from the table and took the bag from the other man’s hands. –As long as it doesn’t hurt what I have with Jenny, I’m ready for anything.”

Gibbs reached for Tony’s hand and pulled him close, and Tony extended his to Jenny. –Good thing she’s got a king-size bed.”

–You act as if you’ve been in it recently.” She still had the king-size bed, but there was no reason to make it easy for Jethro. –I could have downsized you realize, make it more cozy for Tony and I.”

–Nope, but I know you, Jenny, and you may have changed on the outside but deep inside you’re the same romantic Jen who liked dark wood, big beds, a lot of pillows. And has the same taste in men.”

–Not intentional, by any stretch. Just happens that I have a thing for intelligent men, and how best to get to know that then by working with them.” Jen wouldn’t allow herself to be baited that way, she knew that Gibbs had his rules and she was the reason for number twelve. But she didn’t see a problem with dating as long as it was clear in the end that they had to keep their personal and work lives separate. She’d never been able to manage it before with Jethro, but maybe now that they were older and she liked to think somewhat wiser, it could happen.

Jethro shrugged. –Wasn’t analyzing. There’s a difference between my analysis and powers of observation.” She seemed somewhat unsure then completely confident almost in the same moment. It was alluring and he liked this human and vulnerable side to Jen.

–Well, your observation skills have gotten better over the years then. Or you hide more then you let on.” Jethro Gibbs had always kept her on her toes, and it’s one of the things she loved and yet hated about him. But that quality was also what had drawn her to Tony. –I suppose I can’t tell you to stop observing, but go into this like you don’t know anything about me, Jethro. While my need for a king size bed may not have changed, a lot has since Paris. I’m not that little junior agent anymore.”

–Never thought it, Jen. From the moment you stood up as new director in MTAC, I knew how much you’d changed. But that little junior agent I fell in love with is still inside. You’ve changed and not transformed.” He brushed her hair back gently before turning his attention to Tony.

Jethro looked into Tony’s eyes. They were essentially the same height, same general body shape, and it felt good to have such a hard, strong man pressed against him. –I want to explore you, DiNozzo, but right now, let’s share Jenny. I think she could use the attention.”

Tony sucked in a breath, almost kissing Gibbs for a second before he pulled away and nodded. –Yeah. Never…been in this place before. Sounds like a good place to start.”

–Jenny can make up her own mind you know, and can decide if she wants to be shared. I’m not a pizza you two can bond over.”

Jethro turned, bringing her into the conversation. –Tell us what you want, Jenny. Tell us.” He lowered his voice to a sexy rasp, meeting her gaze head on.

–You and Tony, upstairs in my bed. There’s a lot of power knowing that you two are in my bed, and not me sneaking to be in yours.” Jen was proud that she was the one who seemed to be in control of all of this, that they looked to her to see what was going to happen next. –I want skin, and heat. I want you both inside me, I want to know that while we’re up there I can be as strong or as venerable as I want to be. I want to know I don’t have to be the director, that I can just be a girl with two beautiful boys and have a little fun.”

Jethro slanted a scorching gaze to Tony. –I think we can do that, Jenny. I know it’d be my pleasure to…serve in that way.” He smirked before pulling her against him. –Feel how much I want this, Jenny, not only with him, but with you again. You always tied me up in knots.”

He took her face in his hands, kissing her deeply, passionately. He scooped Jenny up in his arms and began walking up the stairs, Tony right behind him. He placed Jenny on the bed and stepped back, right into DiNozzo’s embrace, the other man grinding against his ass.

–Nice,” Tony growled into his ear before Jethro pulled away. –Ladies first, Director.”

Tony came around, leaning over Jenny, brushing her hair back just as Gibbs had done. –Who do you want where, Jenny. You’re driving this, so just tell us what you need.”

Ducky ushered Abby into the Ritz Carleton in Pentagon City. He hadn’t been to the tea service often, but it had a good enough reputation and it was very quiet during the working day. Soon they were seated, each of them with a pot steaming before them and an arrangements of sandwiches and pastries on the table.

–How are you doing about all of this, Abigail? I remember how driven you were when Tony was framed. We were so worried about you.”

–I’ll be fine Ducky, as soon as we prove that this is a setup. I don’t like when the FBI goes after someone on our team. It means less sleep for me, and everyone on pins and needles. This is almost as bad as then, but at least they haven’t taken Jenny to jail. Who knows what could happen to her then.”

–It wouldn’t be pretty. At best, she’d be a target for inmates and staff. At worst, we shouldn’t go there.” Ducky poured his tea. –Do you think Tony is ready to boss Gibbs?”

–Gibbs seemed to be okay with Tony being in charge. I never would have believed it, but he managed to surprise me.” Abby poured her own tea, taking in the steamy fragrance. –Thing is, I’m not sure that Gibbs is going to play nice no matter who is in charge. He looked like he had some sort of scheme already in the works. Wouldn’t matter if the SecNav himself was in the director’s office, he’d be plotting something. Tony will let him get away with it, as long as he thinks it will benefit the investigation, and if it isn’t. Well, that’s when things will get interesting.”

–Ah, yes. There would be an epic clash of wills, given Tony’s quite complex feelings for our Jethro. It may prove to be quite the situation indeed. Perhaps we should bring some popcorn to the next meeting as we watch the scene unfold.”

Ducky took a small sandwich and nibbled on it. –Much better than that artery clogging pizza. Do you know that a single slice of a large pizza pie can be over a thousand calories?”

–Tony doesn’t know who he wants, because he also has some extremely complex feelings for Madam Director. I don’t know if he’s acted on them or not, but they are there. Will be interesting to see what happens when everyone finds out just how complex Tony really is.”

–Do you think his feelings for her are so complex? I’ve noted a genuine attraction that he tries to keep deeply hidden, but I haven’t seen anything beyond that, even today. Has he confided in you, dear girl?”

–No, he hasn’t. I flat out told him he could, but he didn’t take me up on it. And of course, this is all just speculation. For all we know, Tony has joined a convent and hasn’t been looking at anyone. We could be totally wrong on this. But if we’re right, it will make all of our jobs slightly more complicated.”

–I think everything has changed since he and Jeanne fell in love. He’s seemed different, don’t you think? Settled, grounded, his true maturity showing through finally.”

–They wouldn’t have offered him the director position, temporary or not, if that wasn’t the case.” Abby sipped at her tea, looking over the cup at her companion. –I miss my Tony, new and responsible Tony is nice, but he’s been almost a little isolated from the rest of us. It’s like he’s trying to keep things on a non-personal level, and it’s not something I’m used to with him. I want my Tony back.”

–We’ll have a talk with him, you and me. As soon as we’re done with our tea, we’ll go back to the office and speak with him.” He squeezed Abby’s hands. –He’s in there, he just wore his hurt on his sleeve, and is still getting through that.”

–I hope that’s all. I want to help him, but I don’t know how to do it. He’s keeping me out of his life, and it’s a new experience. Maybe you’ll have better luck with him then I have. He respects you, and might open more to you then he would to me. Maybe he’s having guy problems.”

–Jeanne scarred him, Abby. Having Jeanne and losing Jeanne aged his spirit and soul. He’s got a different look to his eyes now. Much more guarded and much more serious. If we let him know that our hearts and arms are open to him, perhaps he’ll feel the need to open up to us.”

–I really wish that bitch would just leave us alone. I don’t even know her and she’s screwing with people I love. If not her, her father, which is even worse. First someone tries to blow Tony up because of them, and she goes and breaks his heart. Now the damn family is back for more. Why won’t they just go away?”

Ducky had been contemplating this for a while, but having Abby say it made him sure he could confide in her. –We can make that problem go away, my dear. Permanently.”

–What are you thinking, Ducky? We can’t kill her; I don’t want her dead or anything. That would hurt Tony more then her just leaving town again. She’s hurt him too much as it is.”

–Not at all, Abigail. I’m far too civilized for that.” Let her think he wasn’t considering just the thing. –Money talks, especially for a young activist doctor.”

–Her gazillionaire father just died, leaving her a small fortune. If she’s not his only heir, she’s one of a select few. I’m not sure she can be bought off for any reasonable amount, not even for a good cause.”

–A hefty donation, perhaps in the millions, to her favorite charity could engender her distance. I don’t know a better way for us to protect Tony from it. We could have lost him when the car exploded. We could have lost him any time at all.”

–It might work. I can hope.” But would Jeanne go for something like that, and agree to just disappear. –I will have to do some digging. We might be able to force her hand, make her leave even if she wanted to seek revenge. Everyone has a past, and I’m the queen of digging it up. If money doesn’t work, maybe a little uncivilized behavior would be called for. Not killing her, but the potential of information that would ruin her career may make her reconsider her revenge.”

Ducky set his jaw. –I can be uncivilized if need be. Especially if a friend’s freedom is on the line.”
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