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Author's Chapter Notes:
My version of the season 1 final Reveille
Reveille-what could of happened

Its early morning and Caitlin Todd is out for a jog. She is listening to her ipod while her feet are hitting the hard cold tar road.
There is hardly any traffic only one or two other runners.
She realises that there isn’t any music playing. She looks down at her ipod clip which is attached to the top of her pants.
‘ Damn it’ she says under her breath as she realises that its gone.
She turns around and starts to search for it. She is to busy looking for it that she doesn’t hear the car pull up behind her.
She finally finds it in a ditch on the side of the road. When she turns around she is shocked to see the car there.
There is a male in the drivers seat. He looks foreign, maybe Israeli. She gives him a weary smile and turns to start jogging again.
– Caitlin Todd” the driver says in a chilling voice.
She stops, turns back to look at him. She definitely does not know who he is.
– Get in”
– Now why would I do that” she tells him starting to panic.
– If you don’t I will have to kill you”
As much as she didn’t want to she gets in the car. The only reassuring thing going through her mind is that she has her gun if she needs it.
– Who are you?” she asks as she gets in the car and they are screeching down the deserted road.
– A messenger or rather a delivery man”
She didn’t like that answer. Her hand was slowly sliding to her gun.
– Who’s messenger or delivery man?”
– Ari Haswarai”
The name doesn’t sound familiar but when he pulls out a photo she soon realises who she is dealing with.

Tony walked into the bullpen late as usual. The only other person there was McGee.
– Where’s Gibbs’?” Tony asks him.
– Getting coffee”
– Where’s Kate?”
– That’s a good question DiNozzo” Gibbs says entering the bullpen with his coffee.
– Uh she hasn’t come in yet boss”
– I can see that McGee. Find her”
– Yes boss”
– DiNozzo. Help McGee”
– Yes boss”
McGee and DiNozzo pick up therephones and call Kate’s home and mobile.
They get no answer, so they try places that they know Kate likes to go like the coffee shop 2 blocks away.

Kate’s heart jumps as her mobile starts ringing again.
– Give it to me” he demands.
She slowly reaches for it and hands it to him.
He reads the caller ID.
– Who’s DiNozzo?”
– My boyfriend” she says thinking quickly. If he knew that she worked with DiNozzo e would alert Ari that they are looking for her and they would probably kill her.
– Can I answer it? It’s our anniversary”
– No” he throws the phone out the window.
Kate just starred at him. If she was going to do something it was now.
She curled her fingers around her gun. She swiftly pulled it from her pants but she didn’t realise that he had seen what she was doing and as she brought it out he hit her face making her loose her gun which went flying out the window.
She could taste blood.

– Nothing boss. She isn’t answering at home or her mobile” McGee informs Gibbs.
– No one’s seen her at the coffee shop either” Tony chimes in.
– Go check out her apartment”
– What re we looking for?” Tony asks picking up his coat.
– Anything” Gibbs yells back as he heads for Abby’s lab.
Tony and McGee arrive at Kate’s apartment. They are let in by the buildings manager.
As they enter they don’t realise anything out of the ordinary. It is tidy, work files on the bench, kitchen clean, bed made with her work clothes set out on it.
– She was obviously here this morning. Where ever she went she was planning on coming back” Tony tells McGee who basically already figured that out.
McGee takes a closer look at her things. He comes across her badge and ID for work and her holster for her gun.
– Uh Tony. Where ever she went she took her gun”.
Tony walks over to McGee and see’s that there is no gun in the holster.
Tony picks up his mobile and calls Gibbs.
– Boss. Tony. Everything seems normal here. Her work clothes are set out on her bed, nothing missing except” Tony pauses.
– What is it DiNozzo?”
– Her gun boss. Its not here”
– Get back here now” Gibbs demands before hanging up.

– Stupid girl” he says looking at her.
Kate feels like ripping this guys head off but keeps her cool.
– What does Ari want with me?”
He hits her again. She winces at the pain.
– You don’t ask questions, I do”
– I’m a federal agent. Don’t you think that if I didn’t turn up for work they would come looking for me”
– Yes, but how can they find you if they cant track you” he snarled.
Kate just sat there looking out the window. Blood dripping down her chin from her lip. She could feel her cheek already starting to bruise.

– McGee track down Kate’s cell” Gibbs ordered as the two agents walked into the bullpen.
– Yes boss”
McGee started to track down Kate’s cell.
– Boss I’ve got it. She’s on the back road near the state forest” McGee announces standing up from his desk.
They all grab their gear and run for the elevator.
– What would she be doing there?” Tony asked.
– What everyone does along there. Run” Gibbs said matter of factly. He only knows that because his last ex-wife used to run there every morning.
They are tracking her cell phone in the car by laptop.
– It says she should be right here” McGee says.
Gibbs slams on the brakes. He gets out of the car and looks up and down the road. He decides to ring her mobile. He can hear it ringing. He crosses the road ad finds it amongst the shrubs.
– We found her phone” he says throwing it into the car.
– Now what?” Tony asks stepping outside the car.
– We keep looking DiNozzo that’s what we do” he practically yells at him.
Gibbs has a flashback to his dream he had last night.
(flash back)

The elevator doors open to Autopsy.
Gibbs steps out and walks into the dimly lit room.
He makes his way over to the black body bag on the slab.
He stands next to it and takes a deep breath. He un-zipps it to reveal Kate’s dead cold body. She has a single shot the temple.
– I’m sorry” he whispers to her.
– Sorry wont bring her back agent Gibbs” came the creepy voice he dreaded to hear again.
(end flash back)

–Bastard” Gibbs yells. He gets in the car and just as Tony shuts his door he takes off down the road.
– Boss, boss stop. What’s that?” McGee points out the window.
Gibbs slams on the brakes once again.
They all scramble out of the car.
– It’s Kate’s gun” McGee picks it up with a stick just in case there are prints on it.
– He’s got her” Gibbs says as he dials Abby’s lab.
– Who’s got her boss” Tony asks concerned.
– The terrorist . Abby those new music things you brought us did you put a tracking device in them?”
– Of course I did Gibbs. By the way they are called ipods”
– Abby!”
– What?”
– Can you track Kate with it?”
– Sure just give me a sec. ok I have it”
Gibbs signals McGee to go check the laptop.
They all go back to the car.
– Do you have it yet?” Abby asks.
– Yep. Good job Abs”
– Find her Gibbs”
– I will” he hangs up.

They pull up to what looks like a big barn.
There are men everywhere. They are moving big pieces of machinery.
– Caitlin, so nice of you to come” came a familiar voice then the face that has been in her ‘bete noire’ ever since they met.
He opened the door and she got out. The driver got out and came to her side. She turned and punched him right in the face.
– what was that for?” Ari asked.
– He hit me” she went to attack him again but Ari grabbed her hands and held them behind her back.
– He hit me twice” she said trying to get free.
– And being hit by a women is just as bad to Narsel”
– What do you want me for?”
– Come with me” he lead the way out the front next to a big tree.
She could see all the men loading up what looked like missiels on the back of the trucks and with a few words from Ari they were gone.
– Now Caitlin I have a bit of a problem” he said pacing around her.
– I need to know which helicopter is the president in”
– That’s impossible there is no way of telling”
She was silenced by a hit to the side of the face. Now she was bleeding from both sides of her mouth.
– Now Caitlin. You are going to tell me which helicopter it is or I will finish you” he pointed a gun at her head. She was terrified. She has seen him shoot people just for the fun of it.
– I’m telling you, there is no way”
– I did warn you Caitlin”
She closed her eyes knowing that she was going to die then and there. Silent tears ran down her face.
‘ Bang Bang’
She heard the gun fire but she didn’t feel the pain. She opened her eyes to find Ari on the ground dead and Gibbs with his gun pointed at where Ari had been standing. Tony and McGee had stopped the men with the missiels.
Kate’s heart missed a beat and she was overwhelmed with shock, fear and thankfulness that she collapsed into a heap and cried. Gibbs ran to her and put his arms around her to comfort her.
– I thought I was going to die” she cried.
– I could never let that happen”
When she was ready she got up and with Gibbs’ help started walking up the driveway towards them. Once they saw Kate they both started running.
– Oh my god Kate your alive” Tony exclaimed giving her a big hug.
– Only just” she tried to laugh it off but he could tell she was still in shock.
– I’m glad your ok…well except for your face” McGee said giving her a hug as well.
– Yeh I’m ok. I’ll get Ducky to fix me up”.
They all pilled into the car and had a silent car ride back to HQ.
By the time they got back to HQ its 7pm and the only people left are Abby, Ducky and director Morrow. They are sitting/standing in the bullpen anxiously waiting for the elevator doors to ding open and to see Kate walk out.
They asll jump and look at the elevator.
Out comes Tony with a smile on his face followed by McGee with he same expression.
– Did you find her?” Abby asks walking up to them.
– Even better” Tony replied and turning towards the elevator.
Kate slowly walks out with a weary smile followed by Gibbs.
– Kate!” Abby squeals and pushes past Tony and McGee and runs to Kate. She trows her arms around Kate’s neck. Kate was not expecting it and she stumbles backwood but Gibbs is there to help stabilize her.
– Thank god your ok. I don’t know what I would have done” Abby breaths with tears starting to sting her eyes.
– I know Abs. Gibbs saved my life” she tells her.
Abby finally lets go of Kate and they walk into the bullpen.
– Oh Caitlin. What did they do to you” Ducky exclaims looking at her beaten face.
– It’s ok Duck. I got him back. And Gibbs got the other guy back”
– My dear lets go fix you up” Ducky took Kate’s hand and headed for Autopsy.
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