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Author's Chapter Notes:
Wordcount: 200

Challenge: #74 Lost and Found

Summary: Buffy receives a present.
Tony watched as Buffy gently shook the brightly wrapped gift. It was the first time he’d gotten her something other than flowers.

–What’s this for?” She asked.

–Just because,” he said, flashing her a genuine smile.

A slight blush colored her cheeks as she smiled shyly back. –That’s sweet of you.”

–Don’t spread it around. Ziva wouldn’t fall for it anyway,” Tony countered.

Buffy gave him a sharp nod. –No worries, your secret is safe with me.” She winked at him. –Wouldn’t want Ziva horning in on my territory.”

Tony was surprised by the warmth that flooded through him. To know that she considered him to be hers as much as he considered her his comforted him more than he’d ever thought was possible.

She opened the box and her eyes widened. –How did you…?” Her voice low and soft had a slight tremble.

–Your sister suggested it and I went from there,” he said sheepishly. He wasn’t going to admit that it took him over a month to find the right one.

–It’s perfect,” she breathed.

Tony grinned. His frat brothers would never believe that the perfect present for this gorgeous woman was a stuffed pig named Gordo Jr.
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