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Story Notes:
Sorry, I got board, I have noe idea if this story will be good or not, but i'll give it my best shot. Oh, and if anyone can give me a better title please do. All critisim is welcome =)
Author's Chapter Notes:
Ziva shows up at Tony's door unannounced, why?
"Thank God it's friday!!" Tony found himself thinking as he plopped himslef down on his couch with two slices of pizza and a beer. Work had been too much for him this week. On top of the massive work load, Ziva wasn't herself and snapped at anyone for the smallest thing. She even snapped at Gibbs and, intead of chewing her out for it, he had let it go like it had never happened. He had also noticed that she hadn't changed her clothes when he saw her in the morning, suggesting that she was spending nights at the office, and then she used her lunch hour to go home to change and shower meaning she wasn't eating much either. He knew better then to ask her to talk about it; he knew she wouldn't tell her anything.

A knock on the door pulled him out of his thoughts. He sighed as he got off of the couch and went to answer it. He was surprised by who was behind it. "Ziva?"

"Hello Tony." She answered.

"Do you want to come in?" he asked as he opened the door wider.

"No, that is all right," She looked at her feet. "I am sorry Tony, I do not know why, I came here. I guess I should go." She turned around and stopped when she felt someone grab her wrist.

"Don't leave. You obviously know why you came her or you wouldn't have come. Please, come in for a bit, I have pizza." He gave her his famous DiNozzo smile. She nodded and allowed herslef to be pulled into his apartment and led to his couch. "I was going to watch James Bond, is that okay with you."

"Tony, I did not mean to impose. You watch what you want."

Tony nodded and put in the movie. After watching it for ten minutes, he looked over that her and looked at her apperance. He noticed that was still wearing what she wore to work, a green sweater and black cargo pants, and it was the middle of summer and quite warm outside. Then again, she had been wearing long shirts and pants all week. She also looked tired, like she hadn't been sleeping well or not at all. He had noticed that all week too. He then looked at her profile and noticed that her cheek was wet. Reflexivly, he reached at and touched her cheek; she jumped.

"Tony, what are you..." She turned twards him. Her eyes were wet and red.

"Ziva, you're crying." He whispered to her.

"Sorry," She muttered as she wiped her tears away. "I think I should go." She began to get up.

"No, you shouldn't." He stated standing up to talk to her. "There's something wrong Zi; don't hide it. Tell me what's wrong, I can help you fix this."

"No, you cannot Tony. There are some things that you cannot fix. This is one of those things."

"Let me try, please." He begged.

"Tony I, I," She wasn't able to say anything, so she instead rised her shirt revealing her stomach. It was covered in black and blue marks and scars marking it.

"Ziva, what the hell..."

"Please don't start asking questions Tony. I cannot say anything about it."

"Is whoever did this after you?" He asked as he ran a hand over her stomach. She turned her head away, both in pain and fear. "Ziva, is someone after you?"

"No, I... I... he is dead. I shot him in self defence. The police have the report."

"Why doesn't..."

"NCIS does not know because I did not tell them. I did not want them to know. Please do not ask anything. I do not want to talk about it."

"Are these all your injuries?" Again she wouldn't answer. "Ziva, are these your only injuries?"

"No." She turned back towards him. her eyes were filled with new tears, the old ones had slid down her cheeks.

"Damn, Zi." he pulled her to him and let her cry. In that moment, she was so small and frgile. "You're so scared, but why? The bastard is dead, he can't hurt you."

"I see everything, every moment of every day. I cannot sleep and stay at the office at night to distract myself with work. I cannot stand to even look at myself. I am brusied everywhere, and I hurt." Her tears stopped her speach.

"Hey, everything's ok. I gonna help you. You'll be okay, I promise." He held her and whispered soothing nonsense to her. When she had significantly calmed down, he spoke to her again. "If you don't want to tell me what happened, you don't have to and I won't make you. But will you let me look at your wounds. I want to make sure you're ok." She nodded and he led her to his bedroom. He dug around in his drawers and found a pair of basketball shorts and an old tee shirt for her to wear. He told her to put those on and he left the room to find a first aid kit. When he returned, she was sitting on his bed in his clothing staring off into space. Her legs and arms that were just revealed were completely covered in brusies and were more black and blue then her normal olive skin tone. She was pulled back into reality by Tony lightly laying a hand on her knee.

"That hurts." Se winced and he recoiled his touch.

"Sorry." He began to look her over. The brusies were all a dark black and looked fairly new. He tried not to touch her much and when needed only used a feather like touch. When he went to roll up the shorts that were at her knees she moved back wincing at the movement. "It's okay, Zi, i'm only going to look at your thighs." She nodded and he continued to roll up the short legs.

"It... It was Monday night. I was alseep."

"Ziva you don't have to..."

"Yes, I do, Tony. He came in through the door. I did not hear him until it was too late. He was on top of me, he overpowered me, and tied my wrist to the bed. I... I thought he was going to... to..."

"Shhh, I know, ZI, you don't have to say it."

She nodded. "But, that is not what he wanted. He started to beat me. Apparetly he liked using humans as punching bags. I... was able to release my wirsts and grab my gun. I shot him, and he died on top of me. I called the police and..." She had begun to cry again. By the time she was done, Tony had finished looking her over and putting cream on her cuts. He sat down next to her on the bed and she turned into his shoulder and cried into his neck. He held her and, after five minutes layed them down on the bed. He held her and soon she had fallen asleep for probably the first time in days. She was comfortable around him. She trusted him. She was healing. And he vowed he would do anything he could to help her until she was healed. Anything.
Chapter End Notes:
Sorry, I got board, I have noe idea if this story will be good or not, but i'll give it my best shot. Oh, and if anyone can give me a better title please do. All critisim is welcome =)
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