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Author's Chapter Notes:
A red dress has some interesting effects on the team. TIVA, MCABBY
"Gibbs, may I have permission to leave early tonight?"

Ziva smiled charmingly while subtly sliding a cup of piping hot coffee in her boss' direction. Gibbs raised an eyebrow at the bribe and simply stared at her. She backed up immediately.

"Right, never mind I do have some paperwork." She hurried back to her desk, wondering how to postpone her date tonight, again. Tony's smirk across the room at her earned him a scathing glare.

"You can leave when you've finished that paperwork David." Gibbs said, reaching for the coffee at the edge of his desk.

Ziva pumped a fist in the air and shot a victorious grin in Tony's direction. His face fell and he jumped up.

"Boss, does that mean I can go home too?"


"What? Then why does Ziva get to go home?"

Gibbs gave Tony a look.

"Should have brought me coffee DiNozzo," Gibbs said.

McGee stifled a snicker and ducked as Tony swatted at his head with a stack of papers.

"Stuff it McGiggles, you're gonna be here late too."

Tony tapped his pen on the desk as he gazed across the room at his partner. She was in her work zone, all of her focus directed solely on the paper in front of her. Usually on a quiet night like this, she was a bit more relaxed, chatting pleasantly with him or McGee. Abby would come up occasionally and perch on McGee's desk and they would make plans for drinks after work. He sat up a little straighter as he noticed the garment bag hanging on the wall beside her desk. Because he saw absolutely nothing wrong with poking into other people's business, he sauntered across the room and sat on the bookcase behind her desk.

"Hey Ziva, what's the pretty dress for? Got a hot date tonight?"

Ziva ignored his question,

"Tony that is none of your business."

"So it is a date, where you going? Dancing, romantic café, dinner and a movie?"

"Tony! I am trying to work here."

Tony stood, ignored the incessant prick of jealousy in his chest.

"Fine, grumpy pants, I'll just go over to McGoo's desk, he's a lot friendlier.

"Don't even think about it Tony," McGee called out "I saw you stick that tube of superglue in your pocket."

Tony grunted, "Everyone here needs to get laid."

"I plan on it," Ziva piped up just as she flipped her last folder closed. "Later crocodile"

"Alligator," Tony mumbled almost out of habit. He watched as she picked up the garment bag and her purse, and then headed to the bathroom.

"Might want to turn that frown upside down Tony, someone might think you're jealous."

"Shut up Probie."

Since frustration was beginning to impinge on his concentration Tony shoved the files on his desk aside and rummaged in his drawer for a GSM magazine. Nearly half an hour later he slapped the magazine down.

"What do you think she's doing in there? It's been over thirty minutes."

McGee rolled his eyes, "I don't know Tony why don't you go check?"

"That would be completely inappropriate."

"Didn't stop you before," McGee sneered.

"What did you say?" Tony growled.

"Nothing Tony, go back to work."

Tony glared at McGee then reached into his desk drawer, gleefully pulling out a rubber band ball. He peeled of the first rubber band, stretched it tight and let it fly. It snapped with a pop on McGee's head.

"Dammit Tony I'm trying to work! Why don't you go talk to Ziva about your little problem." Another rubber band snapped on his cheek. McGee let out a frustrated growl. Tony snickered and shot another band that hit McGee in the ear. McGee shoved away from his desk and shoved up his sleeves.

Tony wasn't sure what happened next, only that it had been a long time since he'd actually been stunned into silence. Ziva had emerged from the bathroom a changed woman. Gone were the cargo pants, gun, and hair pulled back into a tight bun. Instead her hair was down, curled at the ends and she wore a red dress, tight on every luscious curve. It stopped at a good distance above her knee, and the neckline cupped her breasts in the best way possible. But what really made him shift uncomfortably in his seat and subtly adjust his pants was the thin silver zipper that ran from the spot right in between her breasts, right down to the bottom of her dress. The rubber band stretched between his fingers sailed off into the air, forgotten, and landed with a soft plop on McGee's head. McGee didn't notice the rubber band in his hair, or the fact that Tony was drooling over Ziva, mainly because he was too busy drooling over Ziva.

Tony was the first to get a hold of himself,

"I think you've got your dress on backwards there Ziva."

Her perfectly painted lips curved and she walked slowly to his desk on ice pick heels.

"It's supposed to be this way, makes things simpler." The last word came out in a sultry whisper.

McGee snapped out of his stupor as the air thickened and snapped with tension. He slid a glance over to Tony, and felt slightly sorry for him. Ziva was perched on his desk, daring him to say another word.

McGee slowly backed away,

"I'm gonna go, my coffee, Abby's lab." He mumbled as he hurried towards the elevators. The doors opened with a ding, and he ran smack into Abby.

Later, he would blame all the extra sexual energy flying around for the quick and visceral reaction he had to having that slim body molding against his. His hands came to her hips, almost holding her in place. Her eyes widened, her mouth parted, and the desire he saw clouding her eyes acted as an extra punch of adrenaline to the lust pounding through him.

"Whoa." Was all she said as she slid out of his grasp and nearly collided with a very satisfied Ziva strolling away from Tony, who looked especially frustrated.

"Whoa, "Abby said again as she took in the red dress. "Nice dress Ziva."

Ziva smiled and made her way to the elevator. "I'll see you all tomorrow." She said as the doors slid closed.

Abby grinned and looked over at McGee "No wonder Tony looks like he's just been hit by a train," she said with a laugh that she quickly swallowed when she saw how McGee was looking at her.

"Ok McGee, I'm going to go, because you're acting kind of funny right now and Tony's all sexually frustrated, and I really need a Caf-Pow." She exhaled a breath as she almost ran towards the stairs.

Horny McGee was definitely not good for her libido. She flashed back to his hands on her hips as she was plastered against him, the feel and scent of him had given her that nice little jolt she had come to look forward to every now and then. But his eyes had told her just what he wanted to do with her at that very moment and she had almost dragged him to the elevator to start something that definitely had no business being started.

Tony sat at his desk, still transfixed by the image of Ziva in that sinful dress. She'd leaned over, providing him a nice view of round breasts, pointed to his unfinished paper work and told him that he should probably think about finishing it. He'd watched as she dropped something off at her desk and sauntered over to where McGee and Abby had collided by the elevator. Abby's reaction to her dress was dramatic and he didn't like the way Abby then glanced at him with a smirk and made a comment to McGee. Suddenly he stood and grabbed his jacket. I will finish it Ziva, he thought to himself. He skirted past his desk and frowned when a wide eyed Abby tottered past him to the stairs. One look at McGee confirmed that he wasn't very alone in his current situation.

"Way to go McLusty," he said and smacked him on the shoulder as he headed towards the elevator.

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