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Story Notes:
Finshed. Chapters 6-11 in next story for the series. It jumps from 5 to the month after so just assume she remembers everyone!
Author's Chapter Notes:
"I'm not dead. Aby please don't be afraid. Its okay. I'm fine." Elizabeth Todd is kidnapped and held hostage. When They find her she appears to be dead but is she?
Rating for langaue and some scenes. Kinda based off of Martina Mcbrides song 'Concrete Angel'. Please R/R
"Help!" Elizabeth cried out into the dark even though no one could hear her. The fifteen year old was being held hostage by Al Queda members. She was in a dark alley, an unfamiliar place, she was scared. The NCIS agent in her was kicking her in the ass telling her it would be all right but she knew better. This was Al Queda. Some guy came out and told her to be quiet but she wasn't going to quiet down until someone came for her. Next thing she knew she had a gag in her mouth and she was tied to a chair.

"Boss. Any ideas where she is?" Tony asked as he paced waiting for an answer. They had given the current case over to another team as they had a bigger more important matter on their minds. "Tony stop asking that. C'mon. We're going standing around here all day isn't going to help Liz's chances at all." Gibbs said getting annoyed with Tony's constant asking.

Al Queda DC

She was still screaming. Someone had to hear her. People aren't deaf. Well most aren't. Next thing she saw was a team around her each with a gun to her head. She shut up but not for ling just long enough for them to leave her alone in the alley. 'I will not die.' She thought. 'They will not win this round.' She was going to make it. She was determined to make it, to win this round.


The windows of the SVU were open, a nice spring day filled with guilt. "I should have never let her out of the building. She should still be there." Tony said out loud. "Tony, its everyone's fault. Not just yours." Abby said trying counsel her friend as they tried to find the young girl. They heard screams through the open window. "Gibbs. Ya hear that?" Abby said as the scream floated through the open window.

Al Queda HQ

'Dear Lord, Help me please. Don't make them suffer any more looses.' Liz prayed. She screamed the best she could. She had broke free of the ropes around her wrists and she untied the gag and the ropes around her ankles. Little did she realize that people were watching her and a shoot rang out into the day. She was hit and she feel to the ground. Two more shoots rang out and Liz was hit in the arm and the chest.
NCIS HQ on the road

The screams they had been hearing for the past fifteen minutes had stopped. They were covered by gun shoots. Gibbs made a quick turn to where the shoots were and found the alley where Liz was. Both Tony and Gibbs told Abby to go over and make sure Liz was okay as they tried to find the men. "Liz? Lizzie? Elizabeth?" Abby said panicking as Elizabeth didn't reply to Abby's desperate cries. She had heard her. 'I'm okay Abby. Please don't worry. I'm fine.' A thought that was sent up into the air that would never be heard. Elizabeth fought for her breath. Making sure she didn't stop. Abby heard Tony's foot steps coming over to her. "Is she okay?" He asked. "I don't know. She won't answer." Abby said as if she were a little kid who just witnessed a death. She was too upset to try and let her smarts come into gear. Tony just smiled a small sad smile and looked around. He called 911 and told them the information they asked for. Within fifteen minutes Elizabeth was on a stretcher being loaded into the ambulance. "I'll go with her." Tony said. "No. Both you and Abby will go. I'm going back to HQ and getting McGee and Ducky." Gibbs said. Abby and Tony climbed into the back and answered all the question the paramedics asked.
Chapter End Notes:
Chapter 2 to be up by friday!
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