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Author's Chapter Notes:
Short and kinda sad. Sorry. Just a pargarph mainly dialuge. and Liz is awake. I PROMISE SIX WILL BE BETTER!
Ch. 5
Can't Lose Me

Liz slowly opened her eyes to see a room filled with the people she loved yet didn't know who they were. Abby came up to her and said "Liz. Where have you been?"
"Who are you? Do I know you?" Liz asked confused of the people surrounding her.
Abby knowing better than to try and explain just walked out of the room trying to hold back the tears.
"Who are you guys?" She asked confused. Who were these people. She remembered the faces but she couldn't think of the names that went with them.
"Liz. Its me. Tony. Remember?" Tony said trying to hide tears of happiness and sadness.
"No. I'm sorry. I don't remember." She said confused. She knew that these people visited her a lot when she was in the coma she knew their faces she just couldn't associate names with them.
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