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–Wait, so the bomber got trapped inside?” Gibbs asked the firefighter. He nodded.
–There was nothing we could do for him.” He said as the forensic scientist, Abby Scuito ran to Gibbs. Gibbs hugged her tight.
–Amy Delko, Miami CSI.” Amy said to her.
–Abby Scuito, NCIS Forensic technician.” Abby said, and they shook hands.
–Agent Gibbs.” NCIS Director Leon Vance said to Gibbs, motioning to come to him.
–Gibbs, maybe you should at least bring it up.” Amy said. Gibbs nodded. He had been thinking the same thing.
–I did not expect to see you here, you are on vacation.” Vance said as they walked away from the group.
–NCIS got bombed, Director, did not think I had a choice. This works out kind of well.” Gibbs started.
–How?” Vance asked.
–Miami Dade Crime Lab may have room for an NCIS team. This team.” Gibbs said.
–Do you know if the head of the crime lab will be willing to give it to us?” Vance asked.
–Amy,” Gibbs called out, and Amy walked over.
–Amy Delko, Miami CSI” she said and held her hand out to Vance.
–Director Vance, NCIS” he said, and shook her hand. –Do you think the head of the crime lab will be willing to give us a floor or 2?”
–He is my brother in law, I am pretty sure he will do it if I beg him” Amy said, trying to hide her excitement.
–Make the call” Vance said. Amy turned and walked away pulling out her phone. Vance turned to Gibbs. –She the reason you took time off? And you want to relocate to Miami?”
–Yes sir” Gibbs said with a small smile. He should have known Vance would see that. He smirked at Gibbs.
–Don’t screw it up, that woman has connections” Vance said.
–If only you knew, Director,” Gibbs said. Amy’s brother in law, Lieutenant Horatio Caine, was the head of the crime lab. Her biological brother, Eric Delko, was also a CSI. Amy walked back over.
–He said that NCIS and CSI can share autopsy, and there can be 2 floors, one for the squad room and one for Abby’s lab.” She said. Gibbs took a second for it to hit him.
–Tell him it’s a done deal, and thank you” Vance said, and walked away.
–He said it’s a done deal, and thank you. I love you. I said that, by the way, not the Director” Amy said. Gibbs laughed. He would be moving to Miami. He could actually fall asleep with this woman every night, not once in a while. She hung up.
–We are going to Miami,” Gibbs said. He grinned, and scooped Amy into his arms.
–Gibbs” She squealed, laughing. He started laughing too. DiNozzo looked over at them.
–Oh my god, the world is going upside down. Gibbs is actually laughing.” He whispered to Ziva. Ziva looked.
–He is apparently happy for once, what is so wrong with that?” she asked, watching her boss kiss Amy briefly before putting her down.
–This is going to take a lot of getting used to. First relocating to Miami, and now Gibbs actually being happy?” DiNozzo Shuddered.
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