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Author's Chapter Notes:
Tony and Ziva should be finishing their reports, instead they're secretly watching Abby use her office for something very unprofessional, and it's giving them ideas. Tiva fluff, mild smut, Abby has some fun too!
Set early in season seven.


"Wow! Ziva come check this out!"

"If you wish to show me an extract of a film in which a heavily modified car explodes, I am busy, and you should be too. If you had finished your report, you would be home by now."

"Seriously, it's Abby..."

"Abby went home hours ago, she had a date."

"She sure does!"

Ziva finally got up and walked around Tony's desk, to see live CCTV of Abby's office. She was sitting on the desk facing the camera, with her legs wrapped around a very lucky man. They were both fully clothed, although they didn't look like they planned to stay that way long.

They observed the man making out with Abby. He was muscular, fairly tall with white skin and black hair, they. couldn't see tats, but he had all his clothes on. They could imagine the eyebrow piercing and the smug expression. Classic Abby fodder.

"Damn Abby having sex at work!"

"They are not having sex"

"Ten bucks they will"

"You're on"

As they watched it became clear that Ziva was losing, and something in the back of her head made it seem like a good idea to make out that this was normal.

"Have you not done this?" she asked.

"What, at work? No. I'm sure the boss has, even Palmer and Lee! Huge nerds! And now Abby, well, in a minute, you owe me ten bucks by the way. But not me! Why never me?"

"You never asked" she said flirtatiously, pushing the boundaries as always.

"I've never had a body part I was happy to lose"

They turned back to the screen and both sets of eyebrows shot up. Abby was facing away from them, bent over, braced against the wall, her date was behind her, both hands roughly pulling her hips back, the rest of his body violently pushing her forward. They both just sat wide-eyed, staring at the surprising and rather arousing scene in front of them.

"So... Why have you never done this?"

"Cause I thought you'd break my neck, I told you."

"I am not the only woman here"

He raised his eyebrows and gave her a look as if she had said something ridiculous. Of course she was the only woman! The look quickly sunk in.

She spun his chair around and sat on his lap, with both arms around his neck, noses scraping, she whispered

"I promise not to kill you"

Then kissed him hungrily, which was, needless to say, very much reciprocated.

They were completely distracted from the screen when the couple in the lab finally turned around to leave, letting the camera see his face for the first time. No one ever saw that footage, which was lucky, because things were going really well, and Palmer really wanted to keep the secret this time, at least for a while.
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