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Author's Chapter Notes:
McGee was forced to fight, he wants to get revenge but Gibbs wont let him
Tim heard the speaker and knew that he would have to fight any minute now, he had been tortured for a good 6 days and he was not going to get killed. Gibbs was looking for him, it was to late, the man entered the room. He was glaring at Tim.

'im sorry Tim, I don't want to die' And the man ran at Tim, He got punched in the leg,


Tim grabbed the mans leg and they began to fight, Tim punched the man in the face, neck and leg, while he was being bitten and scratched, Tim finally grabbed hold of the mans neck and applied pressure, the pain stopped and Tim heard a snap, the man felt limp and wasn't breathing, He was dead.

Tim heard the noise and stood up, he was bleeding and felt someone tie his hands up, he was then placed next to 25 other people. He knew that these were the survivors from the first fight. They all had the same look in there eyes, they were all crazy. Tim tried to hid the craziness, he looked straight ahead. 24 people were looking at them, they were deciding who to bet on, one each, the last person would be killed. The first person looked at Tim. She starred at his muscles, his eyes, she could see that he wasn't crazy and that he would fight until the death, but she also knew that he was a federal agent and he would probably have all the strength and endurance needed. So she chose him, then allowed him to call someone
' hey boss'
'McGee where the hell are you 7 days, nothing'
' I don't no, made to kill, torture, fight, marine'
'hey hold on, wait, kill? DID YOU KILL SOMEONE'
' can't leave the ring, or I get hurt, can't do. it.'
' McGee you better come to work now, I will have this call traced'
' I can't. live. stream, you will see'
McGee hung up on Gibbs and watched the girl untie him, he was then placed in a room and tortured, each time they said if you find me I wont hurt you, but each time he failed, always, he was a
' Boss why are you here so early?' tony asked sheepishly
' looking for McGee, I think he is crazy. He phoned me, said he didn't want to kill, or be tortured. I really have my doubts on if he is in danger'
' well boss, maybe he is just crazy'
'thanks boss'
ziva was looking at her computer, she glanced at Gibbs and he looked at her, she nodded and Gibbs looked at what was on her screen it was a live video of McGee he was in a room with another person, they were both chained and they both were told the same thing

the chains were taken off and McGee looked at the man, the man flung himself at McGee but got punched in the face, the man was screeching and detangled himself from McGee, they both ran at each other but McGee grabbed his throat, he began to mummer something to the man, he then let go before the man punched him in the face, they both fought endlessly and Gibbs wondered when one of them would grow tired, the man eventually stopped, he ran to the wall and sat down, he tried to gather some strength but McGee pounced on him, the man made a feeble attempt to stop McGee and soon he stopped all together, McGee let go and sat there, he was kicked in the face then punched, they also began to use a cattle prod against him, McGee looked at the camera and said
' BOSS. omg. was that. probie, like Tim, probie. He just killed someone 4 times stronger than him. god, what have they done to him' tony whispered, he looked shocked and tired
' tony. I don't know. But there is another fight, look'
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