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Her blood splattered all over his face as she hit the ground. Gibbs looked around wildly and whispered a name, "Ari." Tony opened his eyes and looked around too. Seeing nothing he looked down. Kate stared blankly at the sky. She was dead. He knew it hell the whole world would have known it if they were there. Gibbs looked down and saw Kate's dead body then he looked up at Tony to make sure he was ok.

"Dinozzo, you hit anywhere?" Gibbs asked. Tony didn't respond so Gibbs called his name. That time Tony looked up and looked at his boss. "You hit anywhere?" Gibbs asked again. "Not my blood boss." Tony said. Gibbs gut started to turn but he ignored it and said, "I know it's not your blood. Are you hit anywhere?" Tony shook his head no. Gibbs nodded and pulled out his phone to call McGee. Once he was finished with that conversation he called ducky.

While Gibbs did that tony stood staring at the body of his partner. She can't be dead, Tony thought but his whole body and the other parts of his brain knew it was true. "Dinozzo," Gibbs called out. Tony looked up again and saw Gibbs searching his blood covered face. "You alright?" Again with that damn question. "I'm fine Gibbs." Tony said in an annoyed tone. Gibbs just stared at his agent and nodded. He knew that tony wasn't fine but right now they had a job to do. "Alright, head down and get McGee. Tell him to get up here." Gibbs instructed.

Much to Gibbs suprise Tony shook his head no. "Mcgees scared of heights." Tony explained. Gibbs inwardly sighed, he forgot all about that. Alright well we need someone to help ducky up here." Tony nodded and neither said anything after that. Neither were wanting to leave Kate. "Dinozzo," Gibbs called. Tony looked up. "Come on," Gibbs said as he headed towards the door. He reached the door and looked back to make sure tony was following. He wasn't. "She shouldn't be alone boss." Tony said so quietly that Gibbs strained to hear it.

Knowing he wasn't going to get tony away and off the roof Gibbs reluctantly left and went to get ducky.

Tony stared and didn't move for a while and didn't seem to see ducky and Gibbs return. His body automatically started to move and reach out towards Kate's eyes. But just as he was about to close them someone grabbed his wrist. Tony looked and saw Gibbs staring at him with those peircing blue eyes.
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