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Story Notes:
Contains self-harm soooooooo...if u don't like it then please don't read thanks :)
Author's Chapter Notes:
Tony is Leroy jethro Gibbs son so that says alot but no-one knows what's going on in the teenagers mind. (Suck at summeries sorry)
16 years ago

Leroy jethro Gibbs was sitting in the living room drinking beer when his door bell rang. He stood and went to it. When he opened the door he was greeted by nothing. The marine frowned and looked around. Seeing nothing he started to close the door mummbling something about dumb kids, but a small whimmper made him freeze. He looked down and saw a baby in a small basket wearing only a diaper. Gibbs looked around again but still saw nothing. He leaned down and picked up the child and went inside. But just as he was about to close the door someone burst from the bushes and ran away.

"Hey!" Gibbs yelled as he put the kid down and started to chase after the person. But the person was gone already. Gibbs started cussing up a storm as he went back inside. Picking up the kid he set him on the table. As he done so something fell to the ground. Gibbs bent over and picked it up. It was a letter that read:

Dear Jethro,

I'm so sorry, but I can't look after him anymore. Remember that night you went to the bar and got so drunk after your wife and daughter died? You were so drunk that you practically were flirting and hitting on every female in there. Well I felt sorry for you and took you back to my hotel room. You came willingly. Anyway, we made love that night and I left before you woke up. Sorry I did that but it was for the best. Well a couple weeks later I found out I was pregant. I followed you around after I found out trying to figure out how to tell you that our little one night stand came with a problem. That problem wad me being pregnant.
I finally decided that I wasn't going to tell you because you already had so much to deal with. So I gave birth 9 months later and he's the most beautiful baby in the world. I'm so sorry for not telling you. But I need you to take care of him because I can't. The reason is not really any of your concern just know I can't. That night shouldn't have happened, you and I both know that. The only reason I kept him this long was because my family would have disowned me. So let me introduce our mistake. This is Anthony.
From, your one night stand

Gibbs was furious at this women. He looked at the baby and immediately wanted to keep him.

Present Day

"Anthony Dominic Gibbs, get down here now!!!" Dad shouted. I threw the covers back and ran down stairs. Dad stood in the middle of the Living room with his arms crossed. "Two D's," was all he said. I inwardly groaned. He found the report card. "Didn't I tell you to pull up your grades?" "Yes sir, and I did I had f's at first." "Dont get smart with me Anthony. I told you that you had to bring up your grades or else you wouldn't be able to go with your friends to that party." "Dad I did bring up my grades," I said in exasperation. "Don't interrupt. You know exactly what I mean. So from this point on your grounded, your not going to that party and I'm not taking to to get your drivers permit." Low blow!!!! "Dad I'm 16. You can't ground me and I already told my friends I was going." "I can ground you because I just did and your not going to the party." "But dad-" "No buts Anthony. Now go to your room." "No, this isn't fair." Dad stared at me in shock because I wouldn't ever dare tell him no. But that shock quickly turned into anger.

"Room. NOW!" He barked in his marine voice. I jumped at the loudness and ran upstairs.

.........at night.........

Ok now I wish I didn't have to tell you this but I did sneak out and go to the party. Unfourtantly when I got back uncle Tim, aunt Abby, aunt Ziva, and ducky were there and dad was drinking burbon like he does around this time every year. So me sneaking in was pointless. So there I was standing in the living room with my dad glaring at me. "I thought I said you couldn't go." I didn't respond. "Yeah I remember saying something like that." I looked at my dad as he spoke. His words continued to become slurred. He was drunk. "Alright jethro, had me the drink." Ducky said. Dad shook his head no and looked at me. "Hey, if I remember correctly wasn't to day your birthday?" I shook my head no. "No but it will be in nine months." Dad nodded. I knew what was coming next because it happened this time every year. "Oh yeah you were conceived today." Then he would talk about how my mom died after I was born. Unfourtanetly that's not what happened. "Yeah your mom didn't want you so she left you on mh doorstep. Funny huh? Our mistake caused byba stupid one night stand."

Those words stung me the most. Abby and Ziva gasped. Mcgees mouth dropped and ducky grew quiet. And with that I ran to my room and locked myself in there.

(Sorry this is going by quick. I put the original one on here but acedentally deleted it. I promised Gibbs is nice and not drunk the rest of the story)
Chapter End Notes:
Contains self-harm soooooooo...if u don't like it then please don't read thanks :)
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