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Author's Chapter Notes:
During a case, Tony meets the lone Aleph male of a were-animal pack and is bit 4 times by 4 of the same animals. He will then spread his powers to the other mortals.
Anthony Dinardo Dinozzo slinks around the corner of an abandoned building, searching for a glimmer of evidence to help the case when suddenly there is a sharp pain in his neck and he falls to the ground in a seizing heep.


''Shalom Zivaleh and boker tov." Tony greets his Israeli partner with the informal Hebrew greeting. The one he bothered to learn.
''Shalom Tony ve boker tov to you." Ziva David repeats in her native tongue to him. The two exchange a smile and they continue from where they left off yesterday. But before Tony meets his eyes to the page, he notices two small bite-marks on her neck. As if by reading his thoughts Ziva flips her hair over her shoulder to hide the marks.
''Mornin' guys." Gibbs nods to the two agents and sets his coffee cup on his desk, picking up the files. He slumps down in his chair before opening the top file, which holds the handwritten incident reports. 'Ridgewood, TMZ3 style motorcycle, red and black grill -.'
''Uhm, boss, do you want me to track down this lead?" Dinozzo asks, interrupting his fearless leader's thoughts.
''Do you really need to ask, Dinozzo? Would you like a agent to escort you?" Gibbs snaps at his second in command sarcastically.
He scurries off, mumbling something along the lines of 'sorry boss' before opening the door to the stair well and jumping down the steps, bag slung over his shoulder.


Dinozzo slinks into the spirit world, searching for a sharp, fresh dingo soul and he is filled with the nearest one. Tony meets the eyes of his attacker, a commonly recognized dingo to the regulars, 2olluks, with a two instead of a s.
''2olluks," he pauses to catch his breath before continuing, "why did you do-." 2olluks stops his words by pressing a sharp clawed finger to his lips.
''By order of Aleph Mcgee and Beta Sciuto because of your worthy abilities." He falls to the silence and slinks back into the shadows.
''Wait." Tony hisses at the animal.
''What omega?" The hiding animal asks in a hushed, hurried whisper.
''1st, don't pull rank and 2nd, I wish to ,meet this big shot Aleph Mcgee and Beta Sciuto because I need a explanation about this whole were dingo thing." Tony crosses his arms across his broad chest and looks smugly at the lean animal who has his full powers for his 3 bites.
''Soon enough he will call upon you and you will come."
''Soon enough." Tony repeats before departing and continuing to search the area.
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