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Story Notes:
Hey, just a quick write after seeing this challenge on the list. Based of a song I love.
Author's Chapter Notes:
After a big fight, who is left standing on a corner. Crying?!
I tried to find you at the bottom of a bottle,
Layin' down on the bathroom floor...
My lonelyness was a rattlin' the windows...
You said you don't want me anymore,
And you left me,

"I am a trained assassin, you are nothing! I could cut you to bits before you could lay a hand on me! You can try to hurt me, my feelings. But never, ever hurt my family; or you will regret it dearly." Ziva snaps at her partner, tears flowing freely down her face. "He was all I had!"
" Ziva, I was defending myself! He attacked me, broke my arm, and I have the right-!" Tony tries to explain his bit in this but Ziva will not let him have his say.
"I know what rights you have! I have those rights too! I just want to get this through your fucking thick skull!"
"What!, Get WHAT through my thick skull?!" Tony yells in Ziva's face, his own face getting as red as a beet.
"I thought I could trust you, trust you with my heart. My feelings; but you just have ripped my heart out and stomped on it for far too long!" Ziva turns on her heels and runs down the steps to a corner of the property Mossad owns that she claims her own.
"I trusted him and he is leaving me here, crying. Selfish jackass."


"Tim Mcgee, so tell me right now, and do not lie, do you even care? Do you even care about me?!" Abby is starring Tim down with tear-reddened eyes and he stutters under the gaze.
"I thought I did. You are just like Tony, you pull on my strings and push my buttons. But I have had enough! You can avoid me, you can try and talk to me but in the end, I will just break your heart. You broke mine!" Tim storms from the lab, but not before Jenny comes in and witnesses the scene before her.
"Fine!" Abby scearms and runs into her lab, tears flowing by the buckets.
" 'Oh, Timmy!' " He mocks Abby as he walks down the empty halls. " ' Do you care?' Well what if I don't? Would you still pull my strings?
Chapter End Notes:
Hey, just a quick write after seeing this challenge on the list. Based of a song I love.
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